600 Best Buys start game trade-in program today

If you’ve been banned from your local GameStop for having kicked over a magazine rack, consider heading over to Best Buy to trade in your used games.

The big box retailer has announced that it has launched its videogame trade-in program at nearly 600 of its stores in the United States this week, with more “to soon follow.” You’ll be able to trade in games for a Best Buy gift card that you can use for anything in the store, not just games and gaming accessories. Best Buy says it will offer pre-owned games, as well, presumably when it builds up enough back stock to meet demand.

Until August 29, Best Buy is offering an addition $20 Best Buy gift card to anyone who trades in one of 100 select titles. A list of the stores currently participating in the trade-in program can be found online.

So is there anyone who is going to go rooting around their house for old games to trade in towards that 3D television set you’ve had your eye on?

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