505 Games is publishing MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy

Ever heard of Dawn of Fantasy? Me neither! But now that 505 Games is publishing it, it’s bound to receive some more attention from PC strategy fans.

Dawn of Fantasy is an upcoming fantasy MMORTS by Toronto-based Reverie Worlds, which is currently in closed beta. Outside of the usual building, trading, army building and diplomacy things you’d expect from a game like this, it also does all of it in a persistent world. As elves, orcs or humans, you can fight AI strongholds and empires — as well as other players. Apparently a story-driven system lets you progress through all of this.

While the game also has two singleplayer modes, you can check out their website for closed beta access as long as you sign up before January 25th. The link to the beta registration page seems to be broken at the moment though, so uhhh, try it again tomorrow? It looks worth checking out and it’s supposed to keep your PC specs from breaking down in tears.

Oh, and if anyone wants to explain to me what “Dawn of Fantasy” is supposed to mean, or how to pronounce FMMORTS, I’m all ears. Fuh-muh-moarty-es?

[Thanks Litos!]

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