50 Cent: Blood on the Sand trailer (or, why you wish you were a playa)

Words cannot describe how badly I want to make fun of this game. It’s the ultimate in posturing badassery, placing you in the role of rapper 50 Cent as he goes to the Middle East to perform and gets paid not with the almighty dollar, but a skull encrusted in diamonds. No, I’m not joking. It doesn’t get much pimper than that, ladies and gents.
But hold your jokes, just for a second, and watch the video. As our own Nick Chester has commented, the first game wasn’t half bad, and despite the thick-as-molasses attitude, this one looks pretty passable too. Add in the fact that you can pop a cap in people as a matter of course, and you might want to put down your pride and give it a spin. Maybe.
[Via Joystiq — Thanks, TrailerParkJesus]
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