3rd Birthday: Aya’s costume changes will come with voices

You may have heard that The 3rd Birthday’s Aya Brea will get some costume changes, with the most notable being the ability to change into Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning. Tetsuya Nomura has now revealed a few more details about the upcoming PSP game, including a bit about how the costumes will be accompanied by voice changes.

Talking to Dengeki, Nomura said that costumes will come with different voice acting. According to him, we will be able to feel the strength of Aya’s voice actress. Apparently there’s still some unannounced characters for the game, though Nomura notes that not all of them are important.

And though this is unrelated to the voices, what’s cool about the Lightning costume is that if Aya is damaged enough, we’ll see her L’Cie mark.

Siliconera tells us that the build I played at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month will be different from the final game, which is now sitting at about 90% complete. There are a few systems that weren’t show, including a hidden part that will show Aya’s strength. Between these systems and the voice and costume stuff, I feel cheated.

Dale North