3D gaming: the future or just a gimmick?

[Editor’s Note: Despite how hard cameraman and tech guy Roy Malcomber tried, we had several technology fails. Apologies for the sound quality and the delay in posting.]

We see a lot of futuristic technology here in the gaming world, whether it be the development of graphics, motion control or even hands-free gaming, but many gamers remain skeptical over the future of 3D gaming.

Ben Berraondo from Nvidia once again spends time chatting with us, this time about the development of 3D gaming and how Nvidia is leading the way. 3D gaming had a huge presence at Eurogamer Expo 2010 and was extremely popular. Nvidia already boasts that over 450 games are 3D-ready, a number that completely surprised me.

The main question here is, do you see yourself gaming in 3D or is it simply a gimmick?

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