3D Dot Game Heroes details blasted in your whorish faces

I’ve been a big supporter of 3D Dot Game Heroes ever since I saw the first beautiful screenshot. In fact I’ve been ravenous for any and all information, usually jumping at the chance to post about the game on Destructoid. Yet another chance has come today, with developer From Software answering fan questions about the game and revealing some cool details.

Here’s the latest Intel on 3D Dot Game Heroes:

  • The game is being designed to be beatable by all skill levels, although an Extremely Hard mode is in the works.
  • Enemies break apart into blocks whenever defeated. The blocks adhere to physics, meaning they randomly disassemble upon death. The player character can also roll the blocks around on the floor.
  • There is a character edit mode, where players can alter the look of the various character classes in any way they see fit.
  • You can change characters during the loading screen.
  • There is no co-op or online play. Dot Game is a purely single-player affair.
  • It’s a retail game, not a download. Also, there’s no chance of an Xbox 360 version. It’s a PS3 exclusive.
  • The main game should take up to thirty hours to beat, with the sidequests and extras bumping the hour quota up to fifty.
  • As with Zelda, you can save anytime, but restarting from a save will see you begin at a pre-set checkpoint (ie, the beginning of dungeons or the nearest inn).
  • Extras include weapon customization and minigames that “will consume you.”
  • There is no voice acting. Voices are represented with sounds.
  • Spelunker can be unlocked as a main character.

I want this game so much it’s unbelievable. If it doesn’t come to the West I will kill myself, but not before killing everybody else in the whole world. This is not an idle threat.

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