3D Dot Game Heroes coming to Europe!

Every time we’ve posted a 3D Dot Game Heroes story, at least one reader asks the same question: Will it come to Europe? A fair question, since Demon’s Souls is still due a European release date, and the PAL territory always seems to miss out on quirky Japanese titles like this … well not this time!

Southpeak has announced that it is bringing 3D Dot Game Heroes to Europe, making sure that the whole developed world can enjoy From Software’s shameless Zelda parody when it’s localized exclusively for the PlayStation 3. No, this isn’t some weird and fantastic dream.

Even better, 3D Dot Game Heroes will release in May, “in line with the North American release,” which means that the usual European problem of having to wait six months has also been eliminated. Fantastic news all round. Hit the jump for the press release.


LEICESTER, JANUARY 14TH – SouthPeak Games has climbed inside its videogame time machine – alongside Atlus U.S.A., Inc. – to bring the highly anticipated 80s retro revival 3D Dot Game Heroes™ to European PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment systems in May 2010, in line with the North American release.

Oozing with 8-bit goodness, 3D Dot Game Heroes sees players transported back to the golden age of gaming, a glorious era before gruff balding space marines and harrowing shoot outs in airports. Instead 3D Dot Game Heroes sees you questing through the lush kingdom of Dotnia, slaying monsters with your trusty blade, seeking treasure in dungeons and bopping your head to catchy retro-inspired chip tunes.

“I am delighted to be working with Atlus to publish 3D Dot Game Heroes and we have very high expectations for this exciting and unique title,” said Jonathan Hales, managing director EMEAA, SouthPeak Games. “We’ve been following the progress of the game since it was announced in Japan and are thrilled to have secured the title for Europe.”

“SouthPeak Games is the perfect publisher for 3D Dot Game Heroes in Europe,” stated Tim Pivnicny, vice president of sales and marketing at Atlus. “They share our enthusiasm for 3D Dot’s unique charm and retro appeal, and will work hard to get the game into as many eager gamers’ hands as possible. They also recognise the frustration of many European gamers to not get exciting releases until months after other regions, which is why we’re working closely together to deliver a simultaneous launch for North America and Europe.”

For more information about 3D Dot Game Heroes and other SouthPeak Games products, please visit www.southpeakgames.eu


Jim Sterling