38% of gamers are female, 0% of me is surprised

And 100% of statistics are stupid.

Someone’s got to track this crap, right? The Entertainment Software Association has done that for us, and they say that 38 percent of gamers are female. These gals spend 7.4 hours a week playing games, and the survey says that the majority of them prefer casual games. They usually use the Nintendo DS or a PC get their game on. Whatever.

A CNN article ties these statistics into how many women are actually making games. They say that women represent just under 12 percent of the game industry and quote attendees of the San Francisco G.I.R.L. event we attended a few weeks back.

While I’m all for the push for more women in the games industry, I can’t get behind making these girl gamer statistics big news items. Yes, it’s great that that almost half of gamers are females. But guess how many gamers were female the previous year? According to the ESA, 2006 had the exact same figure, 38%. What’s even more eye-roll-worthy is that 2005’s number was higher: 43%. And 2004? Yep, 38% again. 

Can we stop making this a news item? Girls play games, we get it! 

[Thanks, ProfPew] 

Dale North