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37 Wholesome Direct game demos you can play right now

Try out dozens of new games today!

The Wholesome Direct’s indie game showcase of 2024 took place on June 8. Today, a massive collection of games with new trailers, release dates, or even demos have made their debut, with some fully launching today. Whether you’re looking for a new game or two to try or want to fill your wishlist with a dozen new games, you’ll have plenty of options as we explore the list of available playable demos that are live now.

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With that said, let’s check out the complete list of demos for games featured during Wholesome Direct 2024.

  • Mythmatch (Steam)
  • Caravan SandWitch (Steam)
  • Tiny Bookshop (Steam)
  • Into the Emberlands (Steam)
  • Fantastic Haven: Prologue (Steam)
  • Crab God (Steam)
  • ILA: A Frosty Glide (Steam)
  • Sally (Steam)
  • Times and Galaxy (Steam)
  • Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo (Steam)
  • Pine: A Story of Loss (Steam)
  • Afterlove EP (Steam)
  • Dungeons of Hinterberg (Steam)
  • Fruitbus (Steam)
  • FREERIDE: The Personality Test (Steam and Nintendo Switch)
  • Lost and Found Co. (Steam)
  • On Your Tail (Steam)
  • Spilled! (Steam)
  • The Palace on the Hill: Prologue (Steam)
  • Albatroz (Steam)
  • While Waiting (Steam)
  • Tukoni: Prologue (Steam)
  • Monterona (Steam)
  • The August Before (Steam)
  • Space Sprouts (Steam)
  • Broken Lens (Steam)
  • Ringo’s Roundup (Steam)
  • The Star Named EOS (Steam)
  • Dawnfolk (Steam)
  • Kitsune Tails (Steam)
  • Building Relationships (Steam)
  • Tidy Cauldron (Steam)
  • Pup Champs (Steam)
  • Wax Heads (Steam)
  • EbiTapes (Steam)
  • Hirocato – The Delivery Hero (Steam)
  • Undusted: Letters from the Past (Steam)

If any of these games caught your eye during the Wholesome Direct, you’ll at least be able to play through their introductions before release. I don’t know about you, but I know I’ll be playing through most of this list and enjoying their adorableness.

The Wholesome Direct also introduced numerous games released today or launched recently, with titles like Tracks of Thought and Rolling Hills being among the new releases. Others also made their first public announcements through the Wholesome Direct, with official release dates listed as later this year, sometime during 2025, or completely unknown for now.

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