360, PC versions of BlackSite: Area 51 are gold, coming November 12



What is going on with people releasing games during the third week of November? Uh, hello, Super Mario Galaxy is coming out that week; talk about sent to die …

Midway is hoping that not everyone is interesting in hopping all around planets and making high-pitched whooping noises, and will be releasing their first-person shooter, BlackSite: Area 51, for the PC and Xbox 360 on November 12. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions have gone gold and are getting ready to ship, the PlayStation 3 version will have to wait; Midway says the game is schedule to ship in North America this December.

While many people will write off BlackSite as “another shooter with aliens,” I’ve had a blast playing areas beyond just what you see in the Xbox Live demo. The combination of the Unreal Engine 3.0 and Stranglehold‘s massive destruction make for a pretty game, with some intense and fun action moments. I’m not going to pretend the loss of online co-op hasn’t angered the Gods, though. It most certainly has.

Nick Chester