$350 PS4 arrives, Bloodborne coincidentally 50% off

Why how did that ever happen

Everyone holding out on buying a PS4 the past few weeks has won the waiting game, as the PS4 price drop went official starting today. Most major retailers have the bundles on sale at the $350 starting price tag, so if you’ve been waiting to flick out your credit card, this is your wallet’s moment to shine.

In a not-so-coincidental move, Best Buy has also toss up a few PS4 exclusives on sale, the most noteworthy of which is Bloodborne for $25 (lowest price for a new version), and LittleBigPlanet 3 for $20. Expect way more discounts on PS4 games as we head toward the holiday season.

For those wondering if they should buy now or wait till Black Friday… here’s our prediction: prices will probably stay the same but select retailers will throw in additional game(s) for free with the bundles listed, or toss in credit/gift cards to sway you. The difference in value will be around $50. If that’s worth the wait, put your wallet back into the pocket.

Update: Target has gone full competitor mode. They have two $350 PS4 bundles which will receive a $50 gift card bonus. Add in a REDcard 5% off discount and you’ve got yourselves an amazing deal.

PS4 Bundle Price Drops

Target + $50 Gift Card:

Best Buy/Amazon:

PS4 Game Deals

Note: The Last of Us Remastered bundle was taken out from the list above because it has repetitively been at the $350 price range (and slightly lower) in the past few months.

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