34Everlast is a flashy action game you can finish in 10 minutes


It’s a point of pride for the developer

The flashy sword-slashing action game 34Everlast has an eye-catching look and an even more interesting conceit. According to developer Ogami, players will be able to “complete the game in as little as 10 minutes, so you can finish it before you go to bed.”

In other words, 34Everlast is “super-concentrated action entertainment for the gamers of the past who are exhausted from work.” You’ve gotta see the trailer (via Gemtasu).

The game’s bullet points all lean into the time-is-precious hook:

  • AAA-style game you can buy and complete before bed on a weeknight.
  • No tutorial, easy controls, and exhilarating action!
  • No stressful game over even if you lose to a boss.

34Everlast should land in the top 50 in How Long To Beat’s shortest games list, which is full of oddballs like Those Damn Nipples!, Where is Cat?, and Don’t Shit Your Pants.

In a landscape where many games don’t have a definitive end, and those that do can run for dozens upon dozens of hours, I find this less-is-more direction intriguing. It’s also a clever way for a solo developer to turn a potential “weakness” into a “strength.”

34Everlast screenshot
It may be short, but it looks cool.

As an upcoming Steam release, I would be worried about players using Steam’s two-hour refund window in a way that’s less than generous, but if the experience is short, sweet, and genuine, I can see 34Everlast carving out a big-enough niche for itself.

Even if you aren’t convinced by the footage so far, it’s fun to think about other visually or conceptually high-impact games taking this concise gameplay approach. I don’t really don’t think there’s an “ideal game length” — it depends on the circumstances.

That said, I am generally more interested in playing something that feels too short, rather than too long, as I get older. Where are you at these days?

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