343 shoots down rumors that Halo Infinite isn’t coming to Xbox One

Current-gen ain’t dead yet

There have been a couple of lingering rumors that popped up in the two weeks since Microsoft delayed Halo Infinite out of the Xbox Series X launch window. There’s growing traction to the thought that a) Halo Infinite won’t come to Xbox One after all and b) it will be delayed into 2022.

Not so says developer 343 Industries. The studio’s community manager responded to concern from one of Halo‘s esports players (actually, the best sniper in the history of Halo) by downplaying those rumors:

On one hand, the company line is the official word until something else becomes the company line. But, on the other, both those rumors always seemed shaky anyway — especially considering how Microsoft has said it’s committed to all first-party games being playable cross-gen for at least a few years. For now, the plan is for Halo Infinite to come to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2021.

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