2K Sports’ MLB Superstars brings baseball into ‘a totally new realm’

If you’re one of the people who can’t get enough of sports minigame collections on the Wii (wait…there are people like that?), then boy, do I have a game for you! 2K Sports has just sent over the first screenshots of their upcoming sports minigame collection for the Wii, MLB Superstars, and they look — well, not terrible, actually (the images, that is).

But the game’s premise certainly isn’t heartening. The press release (after the jump) mentions six minigames that “speak to the kid in all of us.” The idea here is to have baseball players (real ones, mind you — remember, 2K Sports has the exclusive MLB license) playing … wait for it … sports that aren’t baseball, but with a baseball twist. Or something. Wait, what? Try to make sense of that from the three screens in the gallery below.

This includes games like Baseball Pachinko, Baseball Bocci, and Baseball Golf. Please tell me I’m not the only person whose head is exploding at the moment (and not in a good way). Damn it. I apologize for being so cynical about this stuff — for all I know, MLB Superstars could be a ton of fun — but let’s face it: this game, at first glance, looks to be what we in the biz like to call “shovelware.” We’ll have to wait and see, though; the game is due out this fall.

2K Sports announces first screens from MLB Superstars

MLB Superstars – which debuts on the Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo this fall – takes America’s favorite pastime into a totally new realm by bringing fans’ favorite players and teams out of their natural environments and showcasing them in over half a dozen different mini games that speak to the kid in all of us. Fully utilizing the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities and easy pick-up-and-play functionality, MLB Superstars puts a brand new spin on classic games with Baseball Pachinko, Baseball Bocci, and Baseball Golf. For more information, please visit www.2ksports.com.

Samit Sarkar