2K splices DRM out of BioShock

As you BioShock PC owners have probably long since been aware, both the retail and Steam versions of the game came bundled with some pain-in-the-ass DRM. While 2K was quick to increase the install limits after receiving bags of consumer hate mail, one had to wonder why they didn’t just do away with it altogether.

Although it’s taken a good ten months since release, 2K has finally realized that their copy protection really hasn’t been doing anything besides pissing people off.

“Good news! As promised, all activation restrictions, including install limits, have been removed from BioShock PC as of today,” 2K Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey announced in the company’s official forums. “You don’t have to patch or install anything for this to go into effect for your copy of BioShock – it’s already done!”

In a world where facepalm-inducing DRM is introduced all the time, it’s certainly good to see some of it getting the ax. Still, I have to wonder why it took 2K almost an entire year to figure out that including intrusive DRM is a terrible idea. Did they not want to admit that they were wrong? Did they think that everyone that was going to pirate the game already has? Were they just being stubborn/dense? (Probably that last one.)

[Via Kotaku – Thanks, Joe!]

Justin Villasenor