2K explains what’s included in the Borderlands and BioShock Switch collections

They also include downloads in addition to the cart

2K is gearing up for a triple-release on Switch this week with the Borderlands, BioShock and XCOM collections: all of which are out on May 29.

To celebrate, the publisher has provided video rundowns of the former two collections, which showcase everything that’s included. In short, these are all fully loaded with content, including basically all of the DLC released for all six games. Borderlands 2 sports the largest array of content, given that Gearbox released a ton of packs over the course of several years. The clips are short and sweet (under a minute) and have helpful text-based rundowns and picture collages to show you what DLC is in.

One thing that isn’t listed though? Download requirements. As a reminder, all three BioShock “opening acts” are on the cart but add-ons and late-game content require a 31GB download according to the official site. Borderlands 1 requires a 6.6GB download on top of the cart, while Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel require a combined 35GB (no cart support). XCOM‘s ask is 24GB of space.

I wish you luck in clearing up your microSD card if you’re getting all three.



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