2K announces more info for Battleborn, campaign supports co-op

‘Hobby Grade’

Before we talk about Battleborn, let’s remember this tweet from Randy Pitchford. Possibly one of the best examples of marketing gone wrong, the hype train leaving the station with missing brakes, a sale so desperate that Gil Gunderson is taking notes — whatever you want to call it, it shouldn’t be forgotten, and has actually put me on edge in regards to my expectations.

All that said, 2K Games has announced new modes and features for Battleborn, and it’s quite a lot of info. There will be 25 playable heroes, a story mode that can be played solo or with friends, three competitive modes (Meltdown, Incursion, Devastation), and a “persistent” progression system.

Take a look at the new trailer to get an idea of what “hobby-grade” genres this project entails.

Chris Carter
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