2Dark: Original Alone in the Dark creator’s new horror game

Save a herd of children from gross-looking serial killers

You know how there’s a new Alone in the Dark game stumbling out of Atari’s HQ drunk enough to face the disappointment in all of our faces when it arrives? Yeah? Forget that game.

Frederick Raynal, good-haired creator of the original Alone in the Dark (and Little Big Adventure) has teamed with indie studio Gloomywood to create a “completley different survival horror game,” 2Dark. You’re tasked with rescuing a growing enclave of trailing children from the grips on various serial killers on your way to the final boss, shooshing them quiet or trying to get them to stay put along the way.

The adorably macabre 2D game also does something I wish more games would: it takes advantage of complete darkness. Outside of your bit of illumination, there are bits of pure darkness, with various unknown knowns–killers or children–bumping in the night.

Steven Hansen