2,500,000,000 Achievements unlocked, actual value still 0

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Achievments are a funny thing. They get you nothing and yet you still want them worse then ever. What was the point of spending five hours discovering some remotely hidden section of a game? Nothing, but we still do it, and we do it a lot evidently. Since Achievements started 2.5 billion have been unlocked, with a collective gamer score of 52 billion being achieved. That means if you have less than 150 achievements then you’re under the average every gamer should have and you better get to work.

This is all according to Xbox chief Aaron Greenberg, who I’m sure has Achievements coming out of his pores. The amount of Achievements flowing from Greenberg’s epidermis aside, this is quite the testament to the success of the ol’ Achievement. Of course more of a testament to the success of one of Microsoft’s best ideas ever is the fact that every gaming company out there has started to copy them in one way or another. Hopefully some day soon we’ll be able to use these things for more than just bragging rights. Achievement for your thoughts.


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