25 minutes of FarCry 2: It’s an entirely different kind of jungle fever!

The above clip — and the second part after the jump — show off 25 minutes of footage from the upcoming FarCry 2. According to the on-screen text, the clips are from a pre-alpha build, but that doesn’t stop the game from looking as gorgeous as a moonlit African savanna (filled with naked women and huge LCD televisions).

Since Crytek sold the rights to the FarCry series to Ubisoft, this sequel is being developed without their involvement. It remains to be seen who exactly can fill the shoes of the Eastern European virtuosos, but assuming Ubisoft doesn’t completely screw the pooch on the marketing, the game will probably make tons of cash just based on its good looks and storied heritage.

Of course, the same could be said of Kate Hudson, so if FarCry 2 doesn’t drive one of the Wilson brothers to heroin and suicide, we’ll consider it a success. 

Earnest Cavalli
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