25 million Americans played music games in April

A new report by Interpret has indicated that, despite having ten million Guitar Hero games released a week, America is yet to get sick of the music game saturation. According to the research, over 25 million Americans played music/singing games during the month of April. They probably all sucked, too.

The report also states that those who were into music games were also “the most engaged consumers of music through a number of different channels,” and encourages those within the music industry to think more seriously about showcasing new talent through games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and SingStar

The report also claims that music game fans purchase 67% more CDs, and was twice as likely to legally download songs than the average consumer, confirming my theory that most of the people who keep buying Guitar Hero games are idiots.

“The insights found in these studies hold important implications for game developer and publishers, technology companies, and media companies,” states Interpret’s videogame expert Michael Cai.

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