$20 Rainbow Six Siege for PC in big Tom Clancy and Ubisoft sale

Door busting deals

Update 10/14: Deals are back for a limited time until Monday with slightly lower price.

PC gamers interested in Rainbow Six Siege are getting plenty of options as of late, what with the introduction of the Starter Edition on Steam for $14.99. But if you don’t feel like grinding to unlock all the operators, you can simply pay $20 for the Standard Edition at GMG during this week’s sale.

Along with Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll find plenty of Ubisoft titles on sale. Find the full list here or our noteworthy picks below.

Other good picks or titles at historic lows are Child of Light, Far Cry 3, Trials Fusion, and heck almost everything listed below in the “Top Deals” section. Yes, you’ll need Uplay for most of these titles but you may as well reinstall as Ubisoft has been giving away decent free games like candy as of late.

Must login and use code: VIP5

Top Deals

Tom Clancy

Far Cry

Assassin’s Creed