2 Years of Destructoid — A Prologue

Since lurking around here at the end of ’06, first commenting for a photoshop contest in the beginning of ’07 (yeah I was THAT guy), then bringing the Advent Calendartoid to all via C-Blogs, Destructoid has always provided the opportunity for me to share some of the stuff I got in my head. You have to admit — this community is generally the most embracing and constructive gaming communities out there on and off the webZ.

It’s true! Just talk to anyone who saw my artwork before I started spending more time on Destructoid than playing games, and you’ll notice theres actually something in my portfolio now. I always thought “gaming art” was unoriginal, cliché, and an excuse to draw boobs on Sonic … and it usually is … (-_-), but it can also be used to mix ideas, and hanging around this community taught me that.

So when Hamza notified me to do something for two freaking YEARS going by already, the answer was yes. Then I nabbed Cowzilla for his writing skills, and HarassmentPanda joined us in a DC bar to talk about making what you see above.

Anyway enjoy, heres to Destructoid for its awesomeness, and even more awesomeness to come.