1Up’s exclusive look at Silent Hill 5 makes me nervously fapsome

A little trip to the Hair Palace today brought to my attention 1Up’s exclusive Silent Hill 5 preview with the new American team. The video shows off the latest footage from Konami’s premier horror series, which displays a clear influence from the Silent Hill movie in terms of aesthetics. The environment changes from regular Silent Hill to the ‘Otherworld’ in realtime, with that ‘peeling’ look that the film used, while the infamous nurses look exactly like their theatrical counterparts. Now, I liked three quarters of the movie, I do hope that SH5 doesn’t end up as just a visual tribute to the thing.

What makes me feel a lot better is the obvious passion that this development team have for Silent Hill and the evident determination the newbies have to do the franchise justice. As fans of Silent Hill themselves, one can but hope they truly know what we ‘Hill lovers want in a sequel. I am fond of the idea of improved combat, as well as apprahensively intrigued by the promise of more epic boss encounters. With Akira Yamaoka serving as soundsmith and consultant, Silent Hill 5 has all the tools to bring the series its credibility back. Let’s hope the hands that hold those tools know what they’re doing.  

James Stephanie Sterling