19-year-old gamer/entrepreneur raises $3 million in financing for his site

You may not have heard of WeGame, but when 19-year-old Jared Kim starts using the $3 million in financing he’s raised for his newest venture, I’m sure you’ll hear more soon.

His new site, a “YouTube for gamers,” already has over 7,000 video uploads. This marks the UC Berkeley dropout’s third startup. This nice sum of cash is actually the second round of financing, following $500,000 they raised previously. TechCrunch says that this round was led by True Ventures, with participation from HitForge, SoftTechVC and a number of individuals. Not bad, kid!

He says that right now, 13% of his users are uploading videos, while the rest are there to watch them all. 

On top of being a shining example for dropouts, Kim is also is also the founder of Yaqqer, a mobile location-based social network for college students, and Xinjun Software, an online gaming company in Shenzhen, China. Oh, and he speaks three languages. What a dick!

I kid. More power to him. He’s done a pretty cool thing with WeGame. Gamers love to share video, and his free desktop capture client makes things easy. Of course, this does nothing for the console gamer, but they have other means to share videos with.

Do you see yourself using something like WeGame? 

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Dale North