1849 Gold Edition released, letting you live out your gold rush fantasies

Little House on the Prairie but they die

There’s a little game I feel too many people missed by the name of 1849.

It’s an indie historical city simulator by Somasim, borrowing from games like CivCity: Rome and Zeus. Set in the United States during the California Gold Rush of the 19th century, you have to set up a town while also trying to find and mine for that precious gold. It’s incredibly simple compared to the likes of Cities: Skylines, and has a few interface and control problems, but I really like what I played of it. I’m a sucker for historical games.

Somasim have announced it has released a complete edition of the game, for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. For £12.99/$13.59, 1849 Gold Edition includes the base game, the expansion 1849: Nevada Silver (which added new stuff like the railway and steam-power), and a new epilogue to the game in the form of two new scenarios challenging players to rebuild once the gold rush had ended.

Players who already own 1849 get the epilogue for free, however they will still have to buy Nevada Silver for £2.79/$3.99 which is a bit of a bummer but understandable considering the price of the expansion.

Still, it’s a nice way to get those who might have missed the game the first time around interested, as for what it is it’s a nice little city sim game set in an interesting historical period.

Joe Parlock