$15 Dragon’s Dogma graces giant RPG PC game sale

85 titles to pick and choose

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RPG lovers unite. This weekend you’re graced with a giant sale on all things RPG PC games, from the excellent port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, to the spiritual successor Wasteland 2, and even old triple-A titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition are on tap for under $10.

In fact, take a look at Tropico 5 Complete. It is now only $8.72 for the Steam copy which, hmm, alright… not quite an RPG there. Alright, so a few other titles are also a bit of a stretch to fit into the genre, but everything listed in the Top Picks section below is at a new historic low.

Conversely, games in the “More Picks” section are tying or approaching new lows (i.e. we don’t have enough accurate historic data to consider these “new” lows). If none of the deals below strikes your fancy, you can browse the full list of 85 games here.

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Top Picks:

More Picks:

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