12 year old arrested for opening Game Boy early

What should have been a domestic issue turned into petty larceny when Brady(?) Ervin called the police when her 12-year-old son opened his Christmas present early, as reported by The Smoking Gun. Apparently, the Rock Hill, SC, youth has had a history of disruptive behavior, and his mother wanted to teach him a lesson.  

Weird misuse of 911 aside, you’ll notice that the police report says that the gift in question was some next-next-gen hybrid called a PlayStation Game Boy. Apparently, it runs about $65 (or is that an 8?), and you can pick it up at your local insane asylum, which must be where this family got theirs. 

My guess is that she bought the rambunctious tyke a Game Boy Micro, although, by now, that’s beside the point.  

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