12% of Brits can’t see 3D properly

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Another day, another clue that this obsessive push towards 3D gaming might not be such a wonderful plan. According to The Eyecare Trust, 12% of British citizens can’t see 3D images due to poor binocular vision, rendering 3D televisions, movies and games completely useless to them. Nice one!

“More than one in ten of us (12%) has a visual impairment that means our brains are unable to correctly process the individual images that are transmitted to it via our left and right eyes,” reveals the organization. “This leads to an inconsistency in viewing the three spatial dimensions (height, width and depth) required to enjoy 3D films in all their glory.”

This can be added to those who already wear glasses and still aren’t sure how they’re going to enjoy 3D, and those who are affected by the “eye strain, eye fatigue and nausea”, that Sony has already had to warn us about. So yeah folks, this is the future of the videogame industry — a future that excludes one in ten people with poor binocular vision, those of us wearing glasses, and anybody unfortunate enough to vomit everywhere after looking at 3D pictures for too long. 

The future’s bright, kids!

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