101 screenshots of Persona 4: Dancing All Night killed me

Save yourself, it’s too late for me

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Kill me. No, please do kill me. Anime girls laid eggs under my skin a few weeks ago, and now it is time for them to emerge. They’re flaying and burrowing away at my flesh. They’re in my eyes. Oh my fucking god they’re in my eyes. It hurts so bad. I can feel the fluid filling my lungs. This is it, this is the end of me. Farewell, Destructoid, I am being mauled by super kawaii-desu-ne anime dancing girls, and no amount of bara lumberjacks can save me now. The world is dimming, fading away in to the eternal void. I was just too kawaii to live, and too sugoi to die.

Gematsu has released a huge album of 101 sickeningly colourful screenshots for the upcoming dancing game Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Persona’s a series I’ve never really paid much attention to, but I know after the series of RPGs and fighting games, the only reasonable step to take is to obviously make a dancing game.

It’s scheduled to be released for the PS Vita on June 25 in Japan, and is also coming to North America. Fortunately, there is no confirmation of it releasing in Europe just yet, so no one close to me should suffer the same fate I have.

s… senpai…

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