100 sealed Virtual Boy units were found in Dubai

Remember Nintendo’s brain-melting, eye-crossing dud called Virtual Boy? I think if Nostradamus were still around, he would have used one of these terrible game systems constantly, until his brain went to mush. He would then use his halicunations to predict the future.

Current-day seers seeking out this method of prophecy would normally be out of luck, but a crate containing 100 factory-sealed Virtual Boy consoles has been discovered in a warehouse in Dubai. My own prophecies uncover eBay sales in the future.

The National says that this bunch of consoles was found “under some old cartons,” among others that were marked for trash. 

“This product was just left years ago and nobody knew it was in stock,” said Vijay Chandrabota, the purchasing manager for Geekay Games in Dubai. “For me, it was dead stock. I didn’t even know that this Virtual Boy existed until we found it.”

Dale North