100-game Atari collection now available on PC

‘Relive the Golden Age of Gaming’

Remember when Atari games used to be good? Yeah, me neither. It was before my time, you see.

I’m more familiar with the Atari that has spent the past couple decades floundering, changing hands, bullying indies, and remaining afloat by exploiting its back catalogue of once-popular properties.

Every once in a while, though, the hollow shell of a company does something good.

The latest example of this is Atari Vault, a package of ‘100’ classic Atari 2600 and arcade games that have been updated with stuff like online multiplayer, leaderboards, and user-interface enhancements.

I have to point out that calling it a 100-game collection is a bit of a stretch, as several of the titles in the package are featured more than once (counting both the arcade and 2600 versions of the same games). But for $17 (discounted down from $20 until the end of the month), this seems like a great deal for anyone who wants to relive Atari’s glory days, or even experience these classics for the first time. 

Atari Vault [Steam]

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