$10 Mortal Kombat X Premium, 12 Steam games for $4 at Bundle Stars

Of course you’d want more for the backlog

With recent news that PC gamers will finally get Mortal Kombat X‘s Kombat Pack 2 on October 4, it’s time for a discount on the game itself. Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition just had a price haircut on Steam from $49.99 to $39.99 list price. That’s a further reduction from the original $89.99 (hah), which you can still find at minor PC game retailers that don’t bother updating their prices.

But even with a list-price reduction, picking up MKX Premium for $40 would be quite silly, as the game is frequently on sale for a bigger discount. In comes Bundle Stars this week with a big 75% discount to only $9.99, making the PC version of Premium the cheapest ever by $2.50.

While a 75% discount and a new low is quite nice, there’s also a new “Black Dungeon Bundle” launched at Bundle Stars with discounts up to 94% off. This bundle is offered in three tiers. Buy tier one for $1.49 and get five Steam games including Super Ubie Island REMIX which by itself costs $10 elsewhere.

Tier two of the Dungeon Bundle will cost $2.99 and get you six additional games. These include titles like So Much BloodSpunk and Moxie, and This Book is A Dungeon (fitting title for the Dungeon Bundle).

Tier three is just one more title added to all that for $3.99: The Incredible Baron. When you buy all the content in this bundle, you’re getting $53.88 in games for $3.99, or a 94% discount.

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