1 vs. 100 US beta date could be announced today

Here’s a wild one for you: information on a US beta (via Joystiq) for 1 vs. 100 may or may not be dished out today. Yesterday afternoon, whoever runs the 1 vs. 100 Twitter account (once thought to be official; we’ll get to that in a second) teased that an announcement of the Xbox LIVE Primetime title’s beta start date would happen “within the next 24 hours.” 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. When Joystiq asked Xbox LIVE guru Major Nelson if the account was legitimately tied to Microsoft, he replied that it was. Microsoft PR, however, disagreed with Nelson when Joystiq inquired.

Mixed messages and crossed wires.

So, you’re guess as to the legitimacy of the account is as goods as ours right now. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was indeed real — those updates are a labor of extreme love for the game.

[image via dabbledoo]


Brad BradNicholson