1 vs. 100 ‘Season Pass’ hits Xbox LIVE

Microsoft might be looking for a way to charge Xbox LIVE Primetime title 1 vs. 100. While tab-cruising (blades are so yesterday) a Joystiq tipster discovered a strange 1 vs. 100 download: the option to purchase a “Season Pass” for the show. After downloading, the content gave him access to something called “1 vs. 100 Show GB.” It didn’t work when accessed.

We’re left wondering what “1 vs. 100 Show GB” is and why exactly Microsoft would opt to offer a “Season Pass.” Xbox LIVE Primetime titles have always been pitched to us as free for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. Could this pass be a way for Silver members or additional family members to get in on the action in the future?

If 1 vs. 100 downloadable content intrigue isn’t your jam, perhaps the video below the fold will be. After playing General Trivia a few days ago, we were sent off in style by some spooky voices coming from the game. Beta is scary stuff, fellas.

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