1-2 Switch is the first game announced at Nintendo’s Switch event

‘Look into the eyes of your opponent’

The first game Nintendo showed off during the Switch event wasn’t one where you look at a television. Instead, it’s focused on personal interaction, and reading the people around you.

It’s called 1-2-Switch, and Nintendo wants to position it as a party game. You know, kind of the way Wii Sports dominated so many social gatherings a decade ago.

The main variation of 1-2-Switch that we saw was a cowboy quickdraw mode. Basically, try to “shoot” your opponent as quickly as possible in a family friendly way. This one’s a real reflex tester.

There seems to be plenty more to 1-2-Switch, though. That will surely be detailed in the near future. 1-2-Switch releases alongside the Switch on March 3.

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