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Jimquisition: Don't Charge Retail Prices For Digital

May 07
The $60 pricing model is broken in the retail space, and that's a scientific fact that can be proven with science. It's truly staggering, then, that publishers are attempting to apply that awful model to the digital space, w... read

That bear is wearing a bikini ...

Aug 04
What you are looking at is a piece of art for Super Danganronpa 2. The character is called Mono Bear and he is evil, as you can tell from the fact that he's WEARING A BIKINI OH GOD.  Since the first game never made ... read

Remedy: Sony, Nintendo must reinvent handhelds to compete

May 24
Alan Wake developer Remedy believes that Sony and Nintendo need to significantly overhaul their portable efforts if they're to compete against the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. According to executive VP A... read

PlayStation Move dock for PSP Go? Why?

May 24
What a strange combination! A patent fro 2009 from Sony gives an illustration for a dock for a PSP Go. This isn't just some charging dock, though. This dock contains a camera that works like the PlayStation Eye, and would det... read

Thank CHRIST for that: PSP firmware update 6.39 coming!

May 24
PSP owners may be feeling sad that they've missed out on at least seventeen firmware updates since the PlayStation Network went down, but do not despair! Sony has confirmed that update 6.39 is coming soon, and you're all invi... read

Sony to offer two free games to PSN members due to outage

May 08
Sony has announced that it will be offering two free games -- from an unspecified choice of five -- to PlayStation Network members as part of its apology for the infamous PSN breach. PSP users will also have two games, f... read

PSPgo is still alive in North America

Apr 21
Earlier this week, Sony had confirmed that the PSPgo was ceasing production so it could concentrate on the upcoming NGP. However, Sony Computer Entertainment America apparently still has use for the thing, as it will continue... read

The Destructoid Show: PSPgo 1, Portal 2, Saints Row 3

Apr 20
Happy Holidays and welcome to the 80th episode of The Destructoid Show! By holidays I'm, of course, referring to yesterday's timely release of Portal 2. What, you thought I was talking about 4/20? First on tonight'... read

PSPgo is officially dead

Apr 20
Yesterday it was pretty strongly rumored that Sony had discontinued the mewling abortion that is the PSPgo, quietly dropping it from production and hoping nobody would notice. Of course, when it was noticed, Sony tried to dan... read

Sony shop employee gossips on PSPgo's demise

Apr 19
It's no secret that the PSPgo was a bloody awful thing. Though the intent was admirable, the delivery was a failure, with expensive hardware, expensive games, and simply less support than previous PSP models. Apparently, the ... read

Back when the PSPgo came out it felt like I was the only one excited about it. It was small and sexy. It sold...some. At $250 for what really was a lesser game system that what it was supposed to stand in for, the PSPgo was a... read feature

Square Enix sends us bloody 3rd Birthday invitation

Jan 28
Square Enix is trying to get the hype train rolling for 3rd Birthday at Destructoid Baltimore HQ today, sending over a "confidential" dossier featuring the bloodiest wedding invitation I've ever seen. The invitation was packa... read

MiniSquadron flying to PlayStation Store next month

Jan 12
iPhone games continue to find their way on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, as Grip Games and Supermono Studios have announced that it's releasing MiniSquadron as a Minis title in February. MiniSquadron has players... read

PSPgo hacked, can run Lumines now

Jan 06
Most sane people now admit that the PSPgo was a stupid idea, not least for the fact that it cost more than a regular PSP, but could play less games. If a certain PSP game, like Lumines, isn't on the PlayStation Network, then ... read

Sony finds digital distribution confusing

Dec 14
SCEE president Andrew House has confirmed the thing we all knew by now, that physical media will still be an important part of the games industry for at least a few more years. House has also added that digital distribution h... read

God of War dev: PSP was 'doomed from the start'

Nov 18
Ready At Dawn may have made a nice little name for itself developing God of War games on the PSP, but that doesn't mean the studio is a big supporter of the device. In fact, co-founder Ru Weerasuriya believe the thing wa... read

God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo hits PSN tomorrow

Sep 27
As if you needed another reason to log in to PlayStation Network on Tuesday, here's another: a demo for God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be available tomorrow. Yes, if you're a PlayStation Plus member, you've already had acce... read

Hirai: PSPgo had an audience, honest!

Sep 08
The PSPgo has been written off by most people as a failure. That would include the game industry itself, since we only ever get PSP-3000 bundles/special editions and the PlayStation Network is woefully undersupported when it ... read

Ghost of Sparta special edition PSP isn't a PSPgo

Aug 31
It seems these days that every PSP game released needs to have its own special bundle with a uniquely themed PSP system. It also seems that Sony has well and truly given up on the PSPgo, since these bundles are only ever for... read

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep not coming to the PSP Go

Aug 29
This has got to hurt: Square Enix has confirmed that when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep lands on the PSP this September 7 it will not be landing on the PSP Go as a downloadable game, nor are there any plans to release it on ... read

Could Trophies be coming to PSP?

Aug 25
Sony has denied in the past that PSP games would get Trophy support, but some people believe that it's more likely than we think. An eagle-eyed gamer has spotted a possible Trophy reveal in the Gamescom trailer for No Heroes ... read

Meet Mickey, your first The Tester season two contestant

Aug 25
Yes, Sony's PlayStation Network reality game show The Tester is coming back for a second season. Filming starts soon, following a ten-week long casting contest that took place this summer. The first contestant to be revealed ... read

Rumor: PlayStation Phone out by October

Aug 12
Rumors have surfaced that the latest attempt by Sony to make the PSP worth a sh*t involve jamming a smartphone in there. The word on the street is that a PSPgo with phone capabilities could hit the market as early as October ... read

Team 17: PSPgo's problem was price, not digital content

Jul 30
The PSPgo was a waste of time and space. Objective, scientific, fact. Expensive, restricted, and lacking a library to back up its price, Sony's attempt to produce an "all-digital" handheld didn't work, and Team 17 believes t... read

Eggy puzzler Piyotama coming to PSP

Jul 26
Missed out on Piyotama, the PlayStation Network-only puzzler for PlayStation 3? Or maybe you just wish you could play it on the go? Prayers have been answered: Sony has announced that Piyotama is headed to the PlayStation Por... read

Cladun: This is an RPG -- known as Classic Dungeon in Japan -- is a quirky little hack and slash RPG made by the minds responsible for Disgaea. Think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past mixed with the insane humor that NIS i... read feature

Split/Second triggers a 'Power Play' on PSP this holiday

Jul 07
Disney Interactive's frantic, high-speed, Hollywood blockbuster-style racer Split/Second is headed to the PlayStation Portable this holiday. The publisher announced the title today, saying that it will feature "unique handlin... read

DC Comics come to PSN with exclusive God of War comic content

Jun 23
Following Marvel Comics' early lead, DC Comics has finally decided to bring its titles to the PlayStation Network for use with the PlayStation Portable digital comic reader. A bit more than 80 titles are now available on the ... read

Sony: PSP has a 'ten year life cycle'

Jun 21
The "ten year life cycle" excuse has been trotted out by Sony so many times that it's taken on the properties of a self parody. Whenever the PS3 wasn't doing so well, Sony would claim "TEN YEARS" and that would make everythin... read

Trippy PSP Mini music title Vibes hits PSN next week

Jun 04
Laughing Jackal has announced that its bringing a new rhythm game, Vibes, to PlayStation Minis on June 8. The game will feature 13 music tracks, including classical, J-Pop, psychobilly, and punk. Gameplay looks like it revol... read

Rockstar looking at making a Wii title?

May 25
Why would you hire with experiencing working on the Wii if you weren't making a Wii game? That's a good question to ask Rockstar North, who recently posted a job listing looking for a Physics Programmer with experience workin... read

Want to playtest God of War: Ghost of Sparta?

May 24
Sony's looking for a few good men and women to playtest Kratos' upcoming PlayStation Portable adventure, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. You up for it? The catch here is that you'll need be older than 18-years-old, willing to si... read

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