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3:30 AM on 03.09.2013

Community poll: What membership perks would you support?

As our esteemed founder has revealed, online advertising as we know it may dry up in the long run, so in the near future we will be accepting reader donations to keep Destructoid, Japanator, Flixist, and Tomopop exactly ...

Mr Andy Dixon

5:00 PM on 03.02.2013

Communitoid 008, featuring special guest Kyle MacGregor!

In this extra special episode of Communitoid, we're joined by Dtoid community-blogger-turned-staff-member Kyle "Cadtalfryn" MacGregor! We talk to Kyle about how he got his start at Dtoid by trolling the IRC about Animal Cross...

Mr Andy Dixon

10:00 AM on 03.02.2013

Are you going to PAX East? Let us know!

[Update: PAX East is in three weeks! If you haven't joined our Google Group or added your name to the list below, let us know ASAP!] Holy crap! PAX East is just around the corner! Every year, Dtoiders from around the globe ma...

Mr Andy Dixon

1:30 PM on 02.27.2013

Quit your job and host videogame parties for a living

Want a job in videogames, but suck at writing and design? How are your partying skills?  If you (or a group of friends) are looking to turn your gaming hobby into a business, I'd like you to consider GameWars Franchise ...

Niero Gonzalez

11:00 AM on 02.17.2013

Communitoid 007: Stabbing Kittens in Self Defense

No Beccy, no Ali, no guest star... OH MY! In this Brit-free episode of Communitoid, Joanna discovers the healing powers of Smirnoff, Aaron fantasizes about felinicide, Conor goes to bat for Binary Domain, and I spen...

Mr Andy Dixon

4:36 AM on 02.10.2013

Ramblings of a colorblind gamer

You may or may not know that I am red-green colorblind. Money looks grey to me, pink looks white, brown looks green. No big thing. Since I was born colorblind, I have no frame of reference for how the world is "supposed" to l...

Anthony Burch

How to get your blog on Destructoid's front page photo
How to get your blog on Destructoid's front page
by Mr Andy Dixon

Believe it or not, many of the wonderful writers you see every day on the Destructoid front page got their start in our very own Community Blogs. Chris Carter, Kyle MacGregor, Tony Ponce, and many other Dtoid staffers (including yours truly!) can trace our humble beginnings to writing Cblogs for nothing more than our own pleasure and the simple joy provided by the occasional "fap". (Dtoid's version of upvoting.)

You see, unlike a lot of other sites, Destructoid prides itself on our record of promoting writers from within, which is why we strive to give our top Cbloggers all the attention we can. Every month we promote well-written user blogs to the front page, and when it comes time to bring on more staff, those are often the people we hit up first.

So how does it all work? What can you do to start seeing your work rewarded with "the front page treatment"? Here's Mario with some tips for getting started!

*The fortune part is a lie.

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7:00 PM on 02.01.2013

Communitoid 006, featuring special guest Cataract!

Finally, Communitoid is back for the long awaited sixth episode! Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen, but between MAGFest, babies, family priorities, and all those things that generally constitute life, we got a little b...

Conor Elsea

A Grandson's struggle with Alzheimer's and Dark Souls photo
A Grandson's struggle with Alzheimer's and Dark Souls
by Nic Rowen

[I thought I had read the most emotional blog the Destructoid community had to offer. Apparently I was mistaken. User Wrenchfarm shows us his interpretation of the events of Dark Souls and how they're analogous to his grandmother's decline into Alzheimer's. Want to be on the front page? Get blogging. --Spencer Hayes]

Grandma has been in a nursing home for 8 years now. I don't like to visit.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Grandma but it's a miserable place. The staff try their best to make it nice. Happy cartoon posters on the walls, volunteer guitarists and singers for the occasional afternoon performance, genial soothing voices and endearing nicknames. I appreciate the effort for my Grandma's sake, I really do. But it doesn't do much to cover up the stark reality of the situation. The sight of wheelchairs lined up in front of a TV set playing infomercials. The moans of octogenarians so out of their minds they're no longer capable of speech. The smell of disinfectant and adult diapers.

But worst of all is the blank stare in my Grandma's eyes. The absence of any kind of recognition or warmth. This woman who I grew up visiting every weekend. Who used to go picking apples with me in the orchard, who served countless Sunday dinners. All the hours she spent in vain trying to teach me the basics on piano, the games of "name that tune", the mail days where she would drive halfway across town to drop off an issue of Ultra Gameplayers for my brother and me. She doesn't remember a bit of it.

I can't stand it. 

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6:30 PM on 01.22.2013

This Month in the Community: Coldcocked

[Every month or so, we on the Dtoid Community Team throw together a round-up of everything happening in and around the community! We'll scour the C Blogs and Forums for awesome posts, recap our latest community playdates, hig...

Mr Andy Dixon

7:30 PM on 01.16.2013

High Strangeness, a 12-bit romp by our very own AgentMOO

What is the world coming to when Destructoid community members start making their own videogames? The endtimes are near! Repent! Repent! The disarmingly charming and fetchingly fetching Ben "AgentMOO" Shostak already has a g...

Tony Ponce

12:30 PM on 01.08.2013

There is a well in Africa named Destructoid: PROOF!

[Update 2: Hey, remember that time we raised $5,494 to build a well in Africa? Well, it's done! CharityWater sent along some photos of Ethiopia's first Destructoid-branded water well, along with some cool and downright heartw...

Tara Long

6:30 PM on 01.07.2013

Artists Wanted: 'Portrait' recap and your next topic!

[Every month or so we post a new art assignment for the Dtoid community. Fun! Here's a recap of the latest. You have until Thursday, January 31st to finish your next project, which is detailed at the end of the...

Mr Andy Dixon

9:00 PM on 12.18.2012

Communitoid 005, featuring special guest StriderHoang!

In this extra long, extra sexy episode of Communitoid, Aaron and Conor discuss Elsa's epic commenting skillz, Joanna daydreams about the zombie apocalypse, Andy experiences e-technol dysfunction, and community guest Stri...

Mr Andy Dixon

12:00 PM on 12.15.2012

This Month in the Community: Novembaby

[Every month, we on the Dtoid Community Team throw together a round-up of everything happening in and around the community! We'll scour the cblogs and forums for awesome posts, recap our latest community playdates, highlight ...

Mr Andy Dixon

6:30 PM on 12.08.2012

Communitoid 004: CHRISTMAAASSS!

So, here we are again. I volunteered to do the write up of another awesome Communitoid episode, and I put it off for days before I got around to it. Either the rest of the cast is super patient, or even lazier than me.  ...

Conor Elsea