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Destructoid's Forum needs a new name, new identity, but still Dtoid

Like MTV2 but with people that watch it
Jul 21
// Niero Gonzalez
Update: The forums will be relaunched as OuterHeavenForums.com using the more secured platform, but no additional changes will be made. The people like the forums as it is. If you're a long-time reader of Destructoid you know...

Skyrim be makin' mad cheese... literally

Dec 16
// Tony Ponce
Ten million copies of Skyrim have been shipped. How many millions of dollars is that? What would someone even do with all that cheddar? ... Oh. Okay. Skyrim : 2500 Cheese wheels rolling off a mountain. [YouTube]

Dtoid Comments overhaul cometh! Please update your email

Nov 02
// Niero Gonzalez
Yep, we're overhauling our comments system at last.  We've tried building our own but the spammers always win, so we're bringing in the big guns.  I'm happy to announce that Dtoid will be powered by Disqus shortly. ...

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