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Scraps: Sea kitten goes well with a dry, white wine

Jan 12
Let's not beat around the bush. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals rank up there with Heaven's Gate and the Manson Family in terms of sheer, batsh*t lunacy. We've been hearing a fair bit of them in gaming-related... read

Scraps: No time for love, Dr. Jones

Jan 05
Not a lot of time tonight, I'm afraid, so this is going to be a quickie. I have to get packing for the trip up to CES and I haven't done a damn thing yet. I even have laundry yet to do. I'm so screwed.Anyway, here are stories... read

Scraps: The hammer is my penis

Dec 22
My copy of the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD arrived from Amazon today, and it's incredibly good. Nevermind how incredible the three act supervillain musical starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day i... read

Scraps: Everyday I'm Twitterin' (12/08/2008)

Dec 08
I did something last week that I swore to myself would never happen. I signed up for a Twitter account. The whole thing always struck me as being horribly self-indulgent and egotistical. Who the hell could possibly care about... read

Scraps: I suffer for you (12/05/2008)

Dec 05
All of my friends are in my living room, laughing and playing Rock Band 2 right now. It sounds like they're having a really good time, once they figure out what songs they're going to play.What am I doing? Putting together yo... read

Scraps: You're heavier than you look

Dec 03
Nick Chester's review of Prince of Persia pushed me over the edge and made me break my sacred vow not to buy any more games this year. Like many, I was concerned about the lack of death, fearing that it would convey a sense t... read

Scraps: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (12/01/2008)

Dec 01
I've been giving a lot of thought recently as to how I could improve the Scraps column. Don't get me wrong, I've always believed that it provides a valuable service to you in giving you bits of leftover news. There was always... read

Scraps: You're going to wind up in Florida with one arm (11/25/08)

Nov 25
I've been really digging the Netflix Instant Watch feature on the 360. Most of all, their impressive library of documentaries available on the service. I love documentaries but they never wind up being something I feel compel... read

Scraps: WTF are Scraps? (11/24/08)

Nov 24
Been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'd like to blame that fact on how exceptional our news coverage has been of late. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. Why, there's been nary a thing to put in one of these posts for weeks ... read

Weekend Scraps: Like a chubby, British Sinatra (10/17/08-10/19/08)

Oct 19
 What a great weekend this has been. Not a whole lot on the news front, but I suspect that nobody wanted to have to fight for attention from the blogosphere while SingSterling was going on. I kept it on all day and it wa... read

Scraps: Charitable donations (10/14/08)

Oct 14
My local NPR station has been running one of their pledge drives today. Thankfully, they're a little more considerate than in some markets that I've heard and try to limit the length of the drive to as brief a period as possi... read

Scraps: I can't be objective about World at War (10/13/08)

Oct 13
Why not? It's probably because I'm bloody awful at it. I wasn't much good when it came to Call of Duty 4 but this is just depressing. I'm lucky if I can kill half as many times as I get to press the respawn button. If you wan... read

Scraps: This is gonna kill Hamtaro sales

Oct 06
Local news is really funny. As I was watching Heroes tonight (Hiro's "key" is WIN), my local NBC affiliate news had a promo for what we could expect to see on tonight's program. I haven't had a chance to watch it y... read

Weekend Scraps: What was I doing again?

Oct 06
I'm having one of those nights where I'm finding it hard to get anything done. The work is piling up around me and I can't even work up the motivation to procrastinate. You know what helps me get through those times? Dam... read

Scraps: One door opens, 500 stay locked forever (10/1/08)

Oct 01
This post is probably going to seem pretty stupid to you (excluding the news links at the end, which are AWESOME... sorta). You've been warned.Something occurred to me today while I was fiddling around with Silent Hill: Homec... read

Scraps: Quality TV watching (09/29/08)

Sep 29
Do you guys watch Heroes? I was concerned about the show after the way the last season went but it looks like they're getting back on the horse. Hopefully, they can keep things intriguing without bogging it down with too muc... read

Weekend Scraps: Hey Mr. Record Man (9/26/08-9/28/08)

Sep 28
This weekend, The Minibosses and MC Frontalot were in town. Well, The Minibosses live here, but that's neither here nor there. They were performing at a party for Kingdom of Loathing Con V (which was also open to the public) ... read

Scraps: This is how the hype ends (9/25/08)

Sep 25
Let me tell you how my morning went down. I spent the whole night prior working on various posts and playing LEGO Batman for review while I waited for the day's news to start circulating. Then, the venerable Jim Sterling and ... read

Scraps: Impalement! (9/24/08)

Sep 24
The other week, in Scraps, I posted a link to a charity drive called Extra Life. Hosted by Sarcastic Gamer, it's an attempt to raise money for pediatric cancer by getting gamers to solicit pledges and participate in a 24-hour... read

Scraps: Holy Denmarkian Bricks! (9/23/2008)

Sep 23
The LEGO series of games are highly endearing, you know that. I absolutely loved LEGO Star Wars when it came out and still like to pop it in from time to time and have a run at a few levels just for kicks. I don't like Star W... read

Nokori: Nintendo's lineup continues to make me cry

Sep 23
Hopping back into the swing of things with Japanese news, the major CEDEC event is over, and those stories are impossibly long to translate. I haven't yet worked up to translating thousand-word documents yet. So for now, here... read

Scraps: All work and no play (9/22/2008)

Sep 22
I don't really have a lot of time tonight. If it's any indication of how busy I've been, I have only had the opportunity to play through a single level of Mega Man 9. Shameful, I know. I'd wish for more hours in the day, but... read

Weekend Scraps: Like Christmas Eve (09/19/08-09/21/08)

Sep 21
I'm so excited about Mega Man 9 releasing on WiiWare tomorrow that I've started formulating a Blue Bomber holy trinity in my head. It makes sense when you think about it (in a highly obsessive manner completely devoid of reas... read

Scraps: All revved up and no place to go (9/17/2008)

Sep 17
This is probably going to further label me as being old and out of touch with what the kids are into, but I really love Jim Steinman. You'd probably know him best as the guy who wrote every good song that Meat Loaf ever recor... read

Scraps: Energy reserves are low, Captain (9/16/2008)

Sep 16
I'm really tired right now, as an event scheduled far earlier than my usual sleep schedule accommodates forced me to eschew the comforts of my bed last night. This means that my already limited capacity for wit, charm and con... read

Weekend Scraps: Black goat of the ROCK! (9/12/08-9/14/08)

Sep 14
I picked up Rock Band 2 today, as I'm sure many of you did, and have immediately set to work ingesting as much of the experience as I can. It would have been nice to get a full four players together for the afternoon, but it... read

Nokori: Soundtracks galore tonight!

Sep 12
That caught your attention, didn't it? Maybe I should use it for the header for Nokori from now on, just so you guys all know to pay attention. Let's get into this then, shall we? First up is this past week's ranking charts. ... read

Scraps: Takin' it in the Bushidō (9/11/2008)

Sep 11
I went ahead and bought Samurai Shodown II from Live Arcade last night. I already have the game for my Neo-Geo arcade cabinet but it would be nice to have somebody to play it with from time to time. You know what I've realiz... read

Scraps: Good food is too easy to find (9/9/2008)

Sep 10
The grocery store is a really dangerous place for me. See, I love to cook and wandering through the aisles of a supermarket always gives me ideas for various things I could whip up in the kitchen. It takes practically every b... read

Nokori: Use your drill to pierce through the Heavens!

Sep 09
I just got done watching Gurren Lagann. Nothing else matters right now.But, since I can't just make that a post and be done with things, here's what's going on in Japan:There's some new DLC coming out for Phantasy Star Portab... read

Scraps: Typing with one hand (9/8/2008)

Sep 08
I only have one hand to type this out with and it's really slowing me down. No, it isn't because I've been drooling over Haggar's moustache. Community member Qalamari sent me one of those kickass Fallout 3 hand puppets from P... read

Weekend Scraps: Strange bedfellows (9/5/08-9/7/08)

Sep 07
I had a real "WTF?!" moment this weekend when I heard some celebrity gossip about Pamela Anderson dating Michael Jackson. A pairing like that doesn't seem possible as I'm pretty sure that they aren't the same specie... read

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