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Save The Chilluns


PTC issues whiny little warning about GTA IV

Apr 23
As expected, the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV has seen the scaremongers and crybabies of the world come out in full force to stamp their little feet in protest. Once again, it falls to the Parents Television Counci... read

EU demands that games industry look after children better ... sigh

Apr 22
The European Union (known in some circles as The Nazi Party 2.0) has given the videogames industry two years in order to protect children better. Apparently, game companies are not doing enough to replace parents and teachers... read

Chicago authority pulls GTA IV ads from buses with a little help from Fox

Apr 21
With Grand Theft Auto IV right around the corner, leave it to Fox News to try and throw a spanner in the works. Using the recent focus on violence and of course, those precious children as its "in," Fox News questio... read

Guitar Hero III's Satanic shenanigans upset musician

Apr 08
Charlie Daniels, the man who wrote and performed The Devil Went Down to Georgia, has hit out at Guitar Hero III for perverting his song and allowing the Devil to win. Daniels is angry because the song is "supposed to be ... read

SCANDAL! Photographic evidence of Joseph Leray's filthy videogame addiction

Apr 01
Confirming our earlier hard-hitting report, new photos reveal that web idol joseph Leray has indeed been involved with the seedy world of videogames prior to this morning's incident. Evidence shows Leray as part of numerous d... read

Jack Thompson tells me to rape a child: Advocating molestation is not cool

Mar 17
Jack Thompson is my best friend in the whole wide world. I know some of you don't like the guy and are sick of hearing of him, so by all means go read one of our many other stories, but for those of you who love our notorious... read

Oh Japan, you and your child molesting: Disturbing Wii game is disturbing

Mar 13
I'm surprised it's taken this long, but here's the first "erotic" adventure game for the Wii. Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper is a rather tame dating sim, but in true Japanese fashion, it just has to be that little b... read

Banning Bully will make children magically stop being evil wankers

Mar 04
Big shock -- Bully: Scholarship Edition is released today for the Wii and Xbox 360 and right on cue, here come the parade of prehistoric scaremongers who want to see it banned under that age-old veil of protecting the childre... read

Hypocrisy: Game hating governor's son causes controversy with his own game

Feb 25
Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius is no fan of videogames, nor modern music. She fully supported attempts to legislate videogame sales, claiming that games and song lyrics "promote violence," and are among the new c... read

Texas Attorney General goes after GamesRadar

Feb 18
Stupid lawsuits ahoy! Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed suit against GamesRadar because he feels it has not done enough to protect children -- wait ... what!?What?That's right. Because GamesRader uses a registrati... read

You got some government in my videogames: UK crackdown commencing

Feb 11
They tried to do it in America and failed multiple times through its unconstitutional nature. In England, however, there is nobody to stop the government from applying compulsory ratings on videogames, with legal ramification... read

Kiss your loved ones goodbye: Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed

Feb 08
I'm going to give it to you straight folks, I suspect shenanigans. It seems a little convenient to me that just before word of Puzzle Quest 2 being confirmed arrives, a big controversy is kicked up, distracting every forward ... read

Satan's Sudoku: Another mainstream journalist reveals their ignorance

Jan 21
You'd think that in the wake of Kevin McCullough's tyrannical screed the mainstream media would've laid off the game chatter, leaving those of us actually tasked with covering the industry to do our jobs while the fervor died... read

Stranglehold commercial banned in the UK

Jan 17
The Advertising Standards Authority -- the UK-based advertising group that removed posters for Burnout in London last year -- has banned the above commercial for Midway's not-very-good shooting game, Stranglehold. The commerc... read

Should kids be banned from videogames? New 'study' claims they should be

Jan 12
It's that time of the day, boys and girls, time for another bit of "research" that tells us all how mentally unhealthy videogames are. Today's slice of alarm-flavored study pie suggests that children under the age o... read

McDonald's blames fat kids on videogames

Jan 08
If you felt that today was lacking a few ironic laughs, you'll be pleased to know that Steve Easterbrook, the chief executive for McDonald's UK, has recently blamed videogames and TV for child obesity. While he quasi-admitted... read

Breaking News: Parents to blame for screwed up kids, not games

Jan 07
In pleasantly shocking news, mainstream media outlet The Star-Gazette reports today that parents, not videogames, are responsible for the development of their own children.  I'm sure you're reeling from the shock of such... read

Sega has harnessed psychic powers: Partnering to make mind-controlled toys

Dec 11
While only loosely related to videogames in the vaguest sense, it's too amazing to fully ignore. Sega Toys, a branch of Sega Sammy, is partnering with Neurosky to create thought-controlled toys. Neurosky's technology allows t... read

Parents concerned about content of their kids' videogames, never their fault

Dec 04
Here's an absolute shocker of a story for you: Microsoft discovered that over 75% of parents in Europe are concerned over the content of the videogames they willingly let their children play, while 43% of them were unaware of... read

Leland Yee warns parents against 'violent' games this Christmas

Nov 27
Leland Yee, the California State Senator obsessed with violence in videogames, has issued another of his friendly warning letters to parents, spreading the word about those evil, evil games and their prevalence during the hol... read

Pictochat? More like Pedochat! Sensationalist story on the DS and pedophilia

Oct 19
I just got done reading a most hilarious report concerning an alarmist anti-DS blog post in which parents are encouraged to destroy the expensive toy they got for their children. Presidential wannabe Sen. Sam Brownback is an ... read

New book says "Games are good for you"

Oct 18
Games don't make us kill, maim or rape, or mentally retard us into small lumps of drooling pus. We all know that. But a new book by software developer Mark Prensky is rallying to our cause one further step by espousing the ma... read

ESRB and Idaho AG team up to explain the utterly obvious

Oct 04
It might seem obvious to intelligent people that a parent should check the age ratings on videogames if that parent doesn't want his or her child to be playing mature titles, but as I've said in the past, the majority of bree... read

Destructoid reader warns Jack Thompson about the true evil in America

Sep 28
This letter was shared with us by Destructoid reader Steve Menegozzi AKA kariomart, where he made a shocking and terrible discovery about the true source of corruption in America's youth. Usually we wouldn't run something lik... read

The Wii Zapper will lead to murder, chaos and utterly retarded parents

Sep 14
Destructoid reader cjpkiller sent me an email this morning letting me know he saw this and thought of me. He was right to do it. What we have here is a nice collection of some of the most insane blathering I've ever seen with... read

UK Prime Minister promises he won't censor games: Actually wants to be sensible

Sep 06
Now, while you might expect some trademark cynicism in a post about how UK prime minister Gordon Brown wants to look into violent videogames and how we can protect children from their evil ways, it might refresh you to read t... read

Schwarzenegger could help cost the US $1 million in anti-game costs

Sep 06
Ironic enemy of fantasy violence, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was warned that his attempts to label mature games as violent and make their sale to minors a felony went against the constitution, would be thrown out of court, and co... read

Let the BioShock kiddy killer hysteria begin!

Aug 24
Okay, so yesterday my attention was drawn to this rather pathetic little article about 2K's gaming masterpiece, BioShock. Yes, it seems that the scavengers of the mainstream media have finally smelled fresh meat and galloped ... read

China's Jack Thompson: online gaming is a major cause of stupidity and crime

Aug 18
Jack Thompson may be the one most of us associate with the anti-videogame stance, but he's hardly cornered the market with his view on the subject. Hailing out of China is a 61-year-old Sociologist named Tao Hongkai who has a... read

RetroforceGO! is moving!

Aug 15
On up? To the East Side? To a deluxe apartment in the sky? No, my fellow sprite loving friends, to Sundays!That’s right; starting this week, RetroforceGO! (tied for first as the best podcast on Destructoid) will be reco... read

Why Nintendo's Friend codes are so AWESOME!

Aug 14
The above image was shown to me by a member of a videogame forum I host, Project Wonderboy, showing just how efficient and useful Nintendo's Wii Friend codes actually are. As you know, Nintendo likes to protect the little kid... read

Why violence in videogames is getting boring

Aug 08
Just to get it out of the way, when I say "violence" I also mean "combat" -- in other words, the solving of conflicts through brute force and physical harm. Since the medium's birth, videogames have ... read

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