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The Podcastle episode 34: Boyz II Men

May 08
I'm not sure if I can describe the kind of subject matter that was raked over in lurid detail on this week's episode of The Podcastle, but rest assured that, as per usual, the most heavily discussed stuff had very little, if ... read

The Podcastle records tomorrow: Things will be said and done

Jan 27
In case you didn't know, today was the day I had some severely infected ingrown toenails removed. It was my first taste of American healthcare, and after how badly the NHS screwed up my treatment for eight years of bullsh*t f... read

The Podcastle records tonight: Shove it up your arse

Sep 23
At 8pm BST, I shall once again be throwing open the drawbridge and inviting the sublime duo of Wardrox and Atheistium into my humble abode. There, we shall talk of many things, and around 20% of them will be videogame related... read

Oh yeah, no Podcastle for a bit n' that, sorry!

Jul 10
Yeah, sorry about that. Destructoid's European-flavored podcast, The Podcastle, did not record this week as I'm sure you've managed to work out by now. The reason for this is because Wardrox is a selfish wanker and decided he... read

The Podcastle episode 10: Tomb Raider pseudo-lesbian womangasm parade

Apr 17
I am very good at show titles. Yes, it's time for another episode of The Podcastle, with your usual crew of myself Jim Sterling, redheaded wonder child Atheistium and a guy who killed a bunch of prostitutes in Ipswich, Wardro... read

Podcastle 10 records tonight: I think we're talking about Lara Croft

Apr 15
Rrrrrreach out and touch plates. I hate announcing we're doing another Podcastle. I feel I might as well be telling someone their mother died. Nevertheless, it's Podcastle time again so I have to deal with the grim busin... read

The Podcastle episode 09: Byronic Commando

Apr 02
Unfortunately, it's that time again -- time for more dirty, disgusting Podcastle. Tonight we talk about The Byron Report, in between arguments about Call of Duty 4 and Wardrox and I singing excerpts from Jeff Wayne's War of t... read

The Podcastle episode 08: Why it's good to be a European gamer

Mar 20
Somehow we managed it, but we've constructed an entire show about how good it is to be a European gamer. Actually, that's a total lie. Wardrox came up with fifteen reasons and we absolutely destroyed them because we are so aw... read

Podcastle 8 records tomorrow: We're going to try and be happy

Mar 18
For some reason, Wardrox thinks this is going to work, but as my producer, he's the guy we should ... sadly ... be trusting. Tomorrow's Podcast will be all about the positive aspects of being a European gamer. If you didn't r... read

The Podcastle episode 7: Importing and piracy

Mar 01
Listen up, wankers. The Podcastle is here in full force once again, featuring Jim Sterling, Atheistium, Wardrox and nerdcore community blogger Wilbo. This episode, we discuss importing and piracy, their benefits, downsides an... read

The Podcastle episode four: Access delayed!

Jan 15
Destructoid’s fortnightly Eurocentric podcast, The Podcastle, has returned for another installment. Your regular trio of Jim Sterling, Atheistium and Wardrox discuss why Call of Duty 4 is better than Halo 3, eat delicio... read

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