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Muramasa's 'Hellís Where the Heart Is' DLC coming westward in September
Billed as the 'final DLC'
7:00 AM on 08.22.2014

Europe is getting another PS Vita Mega Pack
Five games and an 8GB memory card
4:45 PM on 08.21.2014

Muramasa Rebirth's fourth DLC features a Demon Girl
The Oni Musume
12:30 PM on 08.21.2014

Review: CounterSpy
With spies like us...
12:00 PM on 08.20.2014

PS Vita action-RPG Freedom Wars releasing in late October
The crime is life, the sentence is ... a million years
3:30 PM on 08.19.2014

Co-op in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is looking good
A short Let's Play preview from the McMillens
2:30 PM on 08.19.2014

Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show conference dated
September 1 in Japan
1:00 PM on 08.19.2014

Review: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Find out what happens after the 75th floor
11:00 AM on 08.19.2014

Oh my god I need this Hotline Miami figure in my life
Just give it to me
11:30 PM on 08.18.2014

Media Molecule clarifies that Tearaway PS4 is mostly the same
'An expanded re-telling'
12:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Win a copy of Dragon's Crown from Radio Dtoid!
And all you have to do is ask us some questions
5:30 PM on 08.16.2014

Review: Hohokum
Seeking hay in a needle stack
2:00 PM on 08.16.2014

[NSFW] Bullet Girls shows off additional naughty screens and a bonus scenario
Clouds over their naughty bits and all
7:30 PM on 08.15.2014

Weirdos abound in this latest batch of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair screens
Seriously, lots of weirdos
6:00 PM on 08.15.2014

PIX the CAT looks like an infinite, mind-bending Pac-Man
You need to see the .gifs
2:15 PM on 08.14.2014

Nom Nom Galaxy will be right at home on PS Vita and PS4
Playable now on Steam Early Access
8:30 PM on 08.13.2014


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