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1:15 PM on 06.11.2012

Reggie confuses us again regarding Wii U Friend Codes

So here's the rub. Nintendo introduced a rigid numbered Friend Code system sometime ago with the Nintendo DS, that was later refined on the Wii. Long story short, many gamers don't like the system, and are increasingly frustr...

Chris Carter

This is Swapnote, the new 3DS messaging app in action photo
This is Swapnote, the new 3DS messaging app in action
by Tony Ponce

Nintendo had that big 3DS update the other week, but do you know what feature was missing? If you were thinking of the promised messaging service, you would be correct! Swapnote, also known as Nintendo Letter Box in Europe, is the eShop application you'll be on the lookout for. It will drop in Euroland on Thursday and will probably appear everywhere else on the same day.

As you can see in the video, it operates a lot like PictoChat on the DS, only now you can add photos and sound clips to your messages. Oh, and the messages can be sent via StreetPass and SpotPass, so there you go. Chew on that.

[eShop] Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box - First Look [YouTube]
Nintendo Letter Box is arriving this week in Europe [Nintendo 3DS Blog]

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9:20 AM on 10.21.2011

Send messages to 3DS friends! Letterbox App coming soon

Do you have lots of 3DS friends? Did you add them as a joke? So far, the 3DS friends list seems to exist just to see how many people have added "System Settings" as their favorite game, but Nintendo has decided to use some IN...

Jim Sterling

8:45 AM on 01.19.2011

Nintendo 3DS requires a friend code, but only one

At the European Nintendo 3DS Preview event, Nintendo has revealed some details on how online multiplayer will function on the device. As rumored, the "friend code" is returning but vastly streamlined. There will now be a sing...

Conrad Zimmerman

8:40 AM on 01.13.2011

Rumor: 3DS to use the hated Friend Code system

A Famitsu preview of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition seems to suggest that the despised Nintendo Friend Code system -- Nintendo's way of pretending to keep children safe online -- might be making an unwelcome return with t...

Jim Sterling

5:35 AM on 09.29.2010

Check out the various functions of the 3DS

Man, the 3DS has so many skills. We've already talked about a lot of them tonight, like the Mii-from-a-photo skills, the fight-strangers-in-Street-Fighter-without-knowing-that-you're-doing-it skills, and the ever popular por...

Jonathan Holmes

Review: Monster Hunter Tri photo
Review: Monster Hunter Tri
by Jonathan Holmes

Did you play the Monster Hunter Tri demo? If not, don't bother. It sucked.

Okay, that's subjective, but it's definitely fair to say that the Monster Hunter Tri demo did not accurately represent the full game. Imagine if Rockstar put out a demo for the next GTA game that had you inside of a car as soon as you boot it up, and had you drive from point A to point B to point C, and then it ended. Or, if Nintendo put out a demo for Pokémon where you get in two gym battles with a pre-set team of pocket monsters. Sure, that would show off a little of what it's like to play those games, but it would do almost nothing to give you a sense of what the full experiences entail. It would also make those games look pretty boring and crappy. That's exactly what the Monster Hunter Tri demo did for Monster Hunter Tri.

The real game isn't just a series of moderately clunky fights against a few different kinds of made-up dinosaurs. The real Monster Hunter Tri is something that takes the structure of Zelda's side-quests and combines it with aspects of Shadow of the Colossus, Pokémon, and World of Warcraft. That equation in the Monster Hunter series is the hottest thing going in Japan right now, and with Monster Hunter Tri, the series has a fighting chance of replicating that success in the Western world.

Does Monster Hunter Tri have what it takes to convert you into the Church of Jaggi? Hit the jump to find out.

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9:30 PM on 10.23.2009

Monster Hunter giving Wii friend codes the chop in the US

If I were going to be crass, I guess I could describe Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise as "Pokémon for grownups." That's not quite right, but Monster Hunter is reaching pocket monster–level popularity ...

Joseph Leray

6:00 PM on 08.02.2009

Guitar Hero 5 does away with in-game Friend Codes

Now that the RRoD is pretty much taken care of let's take quick poll of everyone here and ask what the most annoying thing is in all of gaming. I'll give you a hint: it starts with Friend and ends with Codes. Friend Codes are...

Matthew Razak

8:00 AM on 01.14.2009

Rumortoid: Big Wii title to ditch friend codes?

If you give two poos about online gaming, then you'll likely hate friend codes. It's a good bit of family-friendly PR for Nintendo, certainly, but it's a ridiculous pain in the arse for anybody who wants to the use the Wii's ...

Jim Sterling

12:00 PM on 05.17.2008

First look: The Conduit

  Hardcore FPS fans take note: you may have to reconsider your decision not to buy a Wii. Third-party developers seem to finally see the potential millions to be made by filling in the holes Nintendo has left in the Wii'...

Jonathan Holmes

1:36 AM on 12.07.2007

The Smash DOJO!! recap: You will never know if you're playing a human or CPU

The DOJO began the week in a horrible way with Friends Codes. Just hearing those words brings a shiver down my spine. Anyway, you need to enter your friend's Code once and it's stored in the system. You can also have little s...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:02 AM on 11.12.2007

The worst ideas in gaming listed

Last week we went over Next-gen's list of the 50 greatest gaming innovations, noting that they forgot tentacle porn in the line up. Now they've put together a list of gaming's worst ideas ever, and again, tentacle porn is mis...

Dale North

2:11 PM on 10.29.2007

Make custom stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Brawl getting delayed until February is so totally worth it now. Out of all the new things Brawl was going to offer, never did I once expect a Stage Builder. You can make the stage as big as you want, add whatever background ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

8:08 PM on 08.14.2007

Why Nintendo's Friend codes are so AWESOME!

The above image was shown to me by a member of a videogame forum I host, Project Wonderboy, showing just how efficient and useful Nintendo's Wii Friend codes actually are. As you know, Nintendo likes to protect the little kid...

Jim Sterling

12:35 AM on 06.12.2007

EA thinks Friends Codes are stupid, not using 'em for Madden '08 on Wii

Whether we'd take a Bullet Bill for Mario or just as soon kick Luigi in the nuts, if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that the Friend Codes system that Nintendo has in place for the Wii and DS is stupid...

Nick Chester