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Wii causes fire? photo
Wii causes fire?

Firefighters blame Wii for RV fire

Fire bad
May 23
Firefighters in Colorado Springs are blaming a Wii for starting a RV fire. They believe the Wii console itself, and not the cables, started the fire. According the victim the console was turned off when the fire was started b... read
Flame Over photo
Flame Over

Flame Over fires up the Vita this March

Time to channel your inner Kurt Russell
Feb 25
The Vita means life. And what a life it's having. Even though its overall sales pale in comparison to the likes of the 3DS, the system is an indie lovers dream and is home to some of the most underrated games in the past few... read
Mighty Switch Force 2 photo
Mighty Switch Force 2

Mighty Switch Force 2 screens burst on the scene

How hot and wet do you like it?
Mar 20
Austin Ivansmith from WayForward was gracious enough to announce Mighty Switch Force 2 a few weeks back, and now we have the official screen and press release to get us properly informed. Series star Patricia Wagon has g... read
Mighty Swtich Force 2 photo
Mighty Swtich Force 2

Mighty Switch Force 2 teaser screens spit hot fire

Patricia Wagon joins the fire brigade?
Mar 19
A pair of teaser images have appeared on WayForward's Twitter page. The first is a seemingly in-game image of baby sitting alone on the sidewalk as the city around him burns to the ground, with the caption, "Who's ready to Sw... read

I was never a fan of flamethrowers in videogames. I am not sure exactly where this started, but I have a pretty good idea: When I used to play Contra III: The Alien Wars with friends, I would do anything to avoid getting the ... read feature


Fireplacing footage is hot, hot, hot!!!

Dec 08
Oh, my dear friends ... could it be true!? Could we really be seeing the birth of the Wii's very first fireplace game? Yes, your eyes deceive you not, our dreams have all come true this chilly winter's morn. Fireplacing is r... read

Would-be arsonist thwarted after bragging on game site

Mar 21
A wannabe UK arsonist has been intercepted and arrested by police after he was caught bragging about his intended actions on gaming portal Newgrounds. The 16-year-old moron was spotted by a Montreal man who took the threat se... read

Burn Zombie Burn videos: Get 'em while they're hot, and sort of rotting

Jan 26
With zombie games enjoying a bit of a revival as of late, it should be no surprise that digital games are getting in on the undead fun. Double Six will be bringing Burn Zombie Burn, a frantic score attack zombiethon, to the P... read

Teenager torches warehouse because he's rubbish at games

Jan 05
Some of us are content to throw our controllers or fling the disc across the room, but one Korean teen has dealt with his gaming frustration a little more .. . And by that I mean he burned a warehouse down. As is the done thi... read

Fight fires for 'real' with Real Heroes: Firefighters for the Wii

May 12
"Running into a burning building" can be found on my ever-growing list, "Things I Will Never Do Because I'm a Pussy." I understand and respect the role of firefighters, whether they're braving a blaze to s... read

 The backstory: Destructoid turned two (or twenty), so we're putting babies in people in Cancun next week to celebrate and this year we wanted to fly Destructoid's biggest fanboy and a friend to join us. So who should th... read feature


PSP fire may have been caused by third party charger (not the fires of puberty)

Feb 26
You may recollect a news report we brought you in early February about a middle school student whose PSP caught fire in his pants, causing second degree burns and likely making the poor kid the butt of jokes for weeks afterwa... read

GameFAQs poster burns down church, did it for the lulz

Feb 09
Proving that the GameFAQs community members can always get stupider, a teenage boy bragged on the gaming advice site's message board about burning down a Pamyra church, adding that he was "LOLing" over the arson att... read

TGS 2007: Rainy Woods: David Lynch just called his lawyers

Sep 23
Rainy Woods is described on the GameVideos website as "Silent Hill meets Twin Peaks" and aside from their desperately needing to ground the analogy with a video game reference lest it be lost on an audience comple... read

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra; my mind is blown

Jun 29
Thanks to Siliconera we get a prismatic view of Japan's confusing, wacky, and often surrealist culture that seems to be a broken mirror reflection of our own. I'm sure there's an analogue to be found here withi... read

Destructoid's games of the week for 06/10/07: HR nightmare edition!

Jun 10
To whom it may concern, It has come to my attention that the smoke detectors in the lavatories are made entirely out of Papier-mâché. While they make for decorative and festive accoutrements in an otherwise sterile restroom environment, it's entirely possible that they would fail to perform their primary function in the event of a fire. Professionally, Dr. Nex PhD  read

Podtoid 25: The owls are not what they seem edition!

Jun 07
Tonight, we're recording the thrilling conclusion to Podtoid 24, Podtoid 25. Will we answer all of the lingering issues of last week's podcast? Who killed Laura Palmer? What the hell is that midget saying? All these q... read

You got Awkward Cannon!

May 29
Larry David, the maestro behind such seminal television masterworks as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, has absolutely no interest in portraying the theoretical daily struggles of characters that exist almost entirely wit... read

Playing Lair this week was the first time that I can say the gameplay actually was good enough to stand up next to its graphical dominance. Every other time I've played the game, the SIXAXIS controls and chaos of Lair m... read feature


Letters to the robot: LA fires, hot homeless people, and an easy way to Wii

May 10
We receive all kinds of email at Destructoid. We mostly get death threats, naked women covered in video games, news tips, legal threats, polar bear ransom letters, and desperate pleas for Summa's home address. Once in a ... read

Human Head Studios office damaged in fire

Apr 21
Human Head Studios, creators of Prey and owners of an oddly disturbing Dr. Octopus-esque website, are probably in the market for a new office, since theirs was wrecked partially damaged in a fire this morning.  Channel3... read

PSP $169 price drop. Idea: keep waiting

Apr 02
A variety of sources with more child labor than us are reporting that the PSP will drop to $169 tomorrow, making it still $50 more expensive than the world's most succesful video game console ever. Talk about a tough act ... read

Rockstar advertises GTA4 trailer; we've reached the apex of meta

Mar 24
The above video was culled from a half hour long chunk of programming on the FX network (y'know, the one that brought you the violent, non-Commish Michael Chiklis). Apparently it's a countdown to the premiere of the... read

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