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I'm so glad I never sold my copy of Mario Paint
Hold on to your favorites
5:00 PM on 10.14.2014

Some of us are controller throwers around here
Rage against the machine
4:00 PM on 10.14.2014

Report: Gamer teabags opponent after narrow victory
Victim unsure as to why, psychologist explains
6:00 PM on 10.13.2014

You fools! I have dibs on [DLC Character #1] in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
Because the best things in life aren't free
4:00 PM on 10.13.2014

Bored of the things: Shadow of Mordor should've been a dating sim
Press X to kiss your wife
2:00 PM on 10.13.2014

Watch this purple robot murder a small boy repeatedly
Look, games are hard sometimes
1:00 PM on 10.13.2014

Stop being dicks, online racers
Drive better
12:30 PM on 10.13.2014

Destructoid reimagines Mario as a Spaniard
¿Y por qué no?
10:00 AM on 10.13.2014

I got the robot because you were too slowbot: I have dibs on Claptrap
4:00 PM on 10.12.2014

To all you would-be Borderlands cowboys and cowgirls, I have dibs on Nisha
Shoot the flesh, whip the wounds
12:00 PM on 10.12.2014

Attention Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel buyers: I have dibs on Wilhelm
He's not a bad guy...yet
4:00 PM on 10.11.2014

Watch us beat the last boss of Skyrim
I am not making this up, guys.
2:30 PM on 10.11.2014

On Just Saiyan, we may be playing Dragon Ball, but we're thinking about Demolition Man
Simon Says: Find the Dragon Balls, look out for them all
1:00 PM on 10.11.2014

To any Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel players out there: I have dibs on Athena
Sorry, she's mine
12:00 PM on 10.11.2014

I went on another adventure in Rust and everyone just kept killing me
Well, almost everyone
4:00 PM on 10.10.2014

Ronnie James Dio is lost in a cairn
Cairn? Cave? Cavern? Something.
2:00 PM on 10.10.2014


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