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6:00 AM on 03.25.2011

Serena Williams in sexy, forbidden Top Spin 4 ad

[The above video is probably Not Safe For Work.] This is an advertisement for Top Spin 4 that 2K Sports seemingly never wanted us to see. It features tennis star Serena Williams and an actress named Rileah Venderbilt str...

Conrad Zimmerman

Preview: Top Spin 4 (Player Creator, Career, more) photo
Preview: Top Spin 4 (Player Creator, Career, more)
by Samit Sarkar

When I last sat in on a Top Spin 4 demo, I didn’t notice a whole lot that differentiated the game from its predecessor. I recently had the chance to take a deeper look at it in a longer session, and now I’m ready to eat my words.

2K Czech has completely revamped the Career mode and Player Creator with an eye on making the game more accessible without sacrificing depth. From what I’ve seen, they’ve succeeded.

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Preview: MLB 2K11 (Franchise, My Player, more) photo
Preview: MLB 2K11 (Franchise, My Player, more)
by Samit Sarkar

In my first preview of 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K11, I wrote that developer Visual Concepts is working on fixing “underlying issues” to refine what was a solid foundation in MLB 2K10. I saw the game again last week, and Sean Bailey, a designer at Visual Concepts, spent much of the demo going through the numerous tweaks and improvements that the studio has made to the game.

He had to race to cover it all, since there’s a lot to discuss. The impression I came away with was that the changes to the MLB 2K framework have had palpable effects in nearly every aspect of the game.

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10:20 AM on 02.15.2011

MLB 2K11 devs flattered but not impressed by MLB 11 adopting analog controls

For a few years now, 2K Sports' MLB 2K games have featured analog-stick controls for pitching, hitting, and fielding. But Sony's MLB The Show franchise has stuck with simple button presses until this year; MLB 11 The Show wil...

Samit Sarkar

3:40 PM on 01.31.2011

Brian Wilson gets the call in this MLB 2K11 short film

Last week, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson appeared on Lopez Tonight to promote 2K Sports' Major League Baseball 2K11. As you'll see if you watch the clip (and I strongly recommend that you do, even in spite of the ...

Samit Sarkar

10:00 PM on 01.27.2011

Brian Wilson showing MLB 2K11 short film on Lopez Tonight

If you're familiar with brilliant pop music, then you might assume that the headline of this post refers to the original leader of The Beach Boys -- and you might then feel really confused. No, the Brian Wilson in question is...

Samit Sarkar

Preview: Major League Baseball 2K11 photo
Preview: Major League Baseball 2K11
by Samit Sarkar

2K Sports’ exclusive third-party development contract with Major League Baseball hasn’t really paid off for the publisher’s parent company, Take-Two, due to a series of baseball releases that have ranged in quality from half-decent to poor. Last year, developer Visual Concepts delivered the first respectable effort in years, Major League Baseball 2K10 -- it got most of the fundamentals right, but it still wasn’t quite good enough to give Sony’s MLB 10 The Show any serious competition.

This year, Visual Concepts is aiming to improve on the solid foundation of MLB 2K10, polishing what’s there by addressing underlying issues. I played a few innings of Major League Baseball 2K11 earlier this week, and from my hands-on time, I can say that the studio is on the right track.

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Preview: Top Spin 4 photo
Preview: Top Spin 4
by Samit Sarkar

By the time 2K Sports releases Top Spin 4 on March 15, 2011, it will have been almost three full years since the launch of its predecessor, 2008’s Top Spin 3. That game was well-received, but drew criticism for being somewhat impenetrable for novice players.

Take-Two closed the studio behind TS3, PAM Development, shortly after the game’s release, but much of the core team that worked on the game has since moved to 2K Czech, which is developing TS4. I had the chance to play a couple of matches of TS4 tennis earlier this week, and the game seems like a more accessible evolution of the franchise.

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3:00 PM on 01.07.2011

Catch a first look at MLB 2K11 in this trailer

2K Sports has sent out the first semi-trailer for its upcoming baseball sim, Major League Baseball 2K11, and you can watch the whole thing above. It only has about 30 seconds of footage from the game, but if you're a basebal...

Samit Sarkar

1:40 PM on 01.06.2011

2K Sports' $1 million perfect-game prize returns in MLB 2K11

Last year, 2K Sports drew a whole lot of attention to its annual baseball game, Major League Baseball 2K10, by offering a $1 million cash prize to the first person who could throw a perfect game in the game. The promotion was...

Samit Sarkar

9:40 AM on 09.14.2010

NBA 2K11 demo hits Xbox 360, PS3 today

2K Sports is dribbling a demo for NBA 2K11 on to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network today. The demo will let players relive the thrill of last season's NBA Finals, playing one quarter as the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtic...

Nick Chester

10:20 AM on 09.07.2010

Top Spin 4 announced, features 'uncanny realism'

The uncannily realistic Top Spin 4 has been announced today by 2K Sports. The game will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii in 2011. According to 2K Sports president of product development Greg Thomas, this will be the most ...

Nick Chester

1:00 AM on 08.13.2010

Pre-order NBA 2K11, get Jordan Avatar/Home jersey

If you’re going to buy NBA 2K11, you might as well get some Xbox 360 Avatar and PlayStation Home crap while you’re at it, right? 2K has announced that it’s partnered with GameStop to offer pre-order customer...

Nick Chester

7:30 PM on 07.29.2010

NBA 2K11 soundtrack features Snoop Dogg, Ron Artest

Snoop Dogg loves 2K Sports' NBA 2K series -- so much so, in fact, that he has recorded an exclusive track, the "NBA 2K Theme," for NBA 2K11. But Snoop is only one of more than 30 artists who appear on the 27-song so...

Samit Sarkar

5:20 PM on 07.22.2010

2K Sports reveals The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K11

When you put a legend like Michael Jordan on the cover of your sports videogame, it stands to reason that his inclusion in the game would amount to more than just a roster appearance on a historic team. Today, 2K Sports annou...

Samit Sarkar

What's new with NHL 2K11 photo
What's new with NHL 2K11
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

There are three things in life that are certain -- death, taxes and annual sports game releases. NHL 2K11 is out exclusively for the Wii this September, and with it come some of the best controls I've ever used for a Wii hockey game.

This year’s entry offers true 1:1 support through Wii MotionPlus. By pressing down on the D-pad, your character will match the movement and speed of your actions with the Wiimote when it comes to moving on the ice or taking a shot at the goal. You’ll even be able to juggle the puck with the Z button because why not?

As good as the MotionPlus controls were, I was most comfortable with just using the standard Wii controls in my demo. There will be multiple controller options -- even one that matches EA’s control setup -- so it’ll be easy to pick up for anyone.

Along with the main game, I got to check out the Road to the Cup feature, which lets four players use their Miis. Players will compete in various mini-game challenges and answer trivia questions in order to win more fans than the other player. It's a nice feature for kids, but will likely be neglected by the hardcore audience.

Out of all the simulation sports games, hockey games are the only ones I can actually enjoy, and NHL 2K11 is simple, easy to get into and plenty of fun. I also got to check out the game on the NHL 2K11 tour bus that will be driving around the US and Canada later this month. Other than discovering that I get motion sickness from RVs, the setup is really nice. You’ll be able to play the game before it’s released, snag a demo disc and meet hockey players at the various stops. Check out what the inside of the RV looks like after the break.

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