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PC Port Report: Final Fantasy IX

Look, I'm not here to argue the best Final Fantasy game. Chances are, your favorite is one of the first ones if not the first one that you've played. Unless you played one of the original three first, in which case those hopefully aren't your favorite. Starting with Final Fantasy IV, every entry seems to have its cheerleaders.

As for IX, I was definitely one of the people who originally wrote it off because of the way the characters looked. After loving VII and enjoying VIII, it took me by surprise to say the least. Luckily, my buddy forced me to watch and eventually play it for myself and I realized just how great Final Fantasy IX is. If you enjoy the series but for whatever reason skipped IX, now is the time to remedy that.



Elite Dangerous: Horizons to land on Xbox One soon

Elite Dangerous may be a pretty good space trucking sim (among other things), but it's been missing something: Ground trucks. Until now!...or rather, until recently, when the game's Horizons expansion landed on PC late last year. Horizons, the umbrella name for "season"  of planned gameplay additions, opened by adding the ability for players to land their ships on planetary surfaces faff about on the ground in a Surface Recon Vehicle (aka a ground truck), doing missions and gathering materials for the also-newly-introduced crafting system. 

Now Xbox One players can get in on that hot faffing-about action as well, as Horizons is set for a console debut soon. Exactly how soon is as yet unconfirmed, but Frontier Developments has pegged a Q2 2016 window. Horizons will also open on Xbox in a more content-rich form than its initial PC release, as the expansion will also include the content set for the upcoming "Engineers" and v1.6 updates. Entering beta next week on PC, the updates revamp the game's mission system, to give the galaxy a bit more personality, while introducing the titular Engineers, secretive individuals that reward loyalty and reputation grinding with exotic and hard-to-find upgrades for players' ships. Other planned updates include multi-crew ships, allowing players to cooperate in a futuristic version of Air Buccaneers, avatar generation and customization, and the ability for larger ships to store and launch their own fighter craft. 

Sounds good to me. I've actually been playing a bit of the game lately, having scrounged up the cash to outfit a brand new Asp Explorer for a visit to Beagle Point on the other side of the galaxy, in the footsteps of the recent Distant Worlds expedition. Here's to hoping I don't accidentally cook myself in a binary star or something.



The not-so-secret musings of The Secret World noob

As some of you already know, I almost lost the fire inside. Video games didn’t excite me anymore, and while that was mostly down to their ever-decreasing circles of creativity, I’d also gotten lazy, stuck in my ways. The same thing happened with my voracious musical appetite until I discovered Bandcamp; a site that single-handedly brought my record-browsing self back from the dead (and long may it independently reign).

I wanted to get back into the hobby, prove everything wrong, and I could only do that with an open mind. So I decided to try out a MMORPG with the same “screw it” attitude my closest friend had when she bought a violin. But unlike that neglected instrument, currently collecting dust while she teaches in Saudi Arabia, I was determined to get money’s worth.



Ten bucks for Rocket League and Shadow of Mordor on PC make a return

Move over Jackson/Tubman/whoever's on the bill these days, because you only need a Hamilton now for Rocket League.

This weekend, Green Man Gaming is running two sales, with hot discounts on a few notable titles. Rocket League drops to $9.60 after instant savings plus coupon combo, which just so happens to be its best price ever.

Also included on the historic low price train are LEGO: Jurassic World, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Mad Max. Perfect deals, especially if you missed out on the last time Rocket League was on sale for under $10.

Use coupon: DEALZON20

New Lows:

Warner Bros. Sale:

More Weekend Deals:

The discounts are this weekend only and expire on Monday, May 2 at 9am Pacific. Be sure to enter the coupon code DEALZON20 at checkout to reap the full savings.

Game deals from Dealzon. Sales help support Destructoid.



Staaaay fresh with Squid Sisters amiibo

Callie and Marie, Splatoon's "Squid Sisters," are getting amiibo figures this July.

The toys will be available in Japan from July 7, North America and Europe the following day, and Australia and New Zealand starting July 9, Nintendo's various branches have announced.

It looks like they'll be available as a ($25 USD) two-pack in North America and Australasia, while folks in Europe and Japan will be able to pick up the sisters individually, if they so choose.

As far as in-game benefits go, it looks like the pair will unlock new music and dance for players, which, uh, doesn't sound like the greatest amiibo functionality of all time, but whatever. Callie and Marie rock!

Palette swapped versions of the original Splatoon Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl amiibo figures will also be available in July for $13 apiece or as part of a three-pack (with the Inkling Squid) for $35.



King of Fighters 2000 coming to PS4 next week

SNK isn't screwing around with its comeback. On top of a brand new King of Fighters and an enhanced port of The Last Blade 2, the studio is bringing the The King of Fighters 2000 to PlayStation 4 in North America next Tuesday, May 3, the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast reveals.

Originally released for arcades and Neo Geo in 2000, The King of Fighters 2000 was the seventh and final entry in the series SNK produced before going belly up in 2001. After SNK founder Eikichi Kawasaki's Playmore Corporation acquired the rights to King of Fighters and the rest of SNK's intellectual properties, the game eventually wound up on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2.

The version coming to PlayStation Network this Tuesday is a slightly improved rendition of the PS2 release, which comes things like up-scaled to 1080p visuals, remote play, and sharing features.

SNK released The King of Fighters 2000 for PS4 via Japanese PSN last month.

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 207: PlayStation Fore! [PlayStation Blog]



Review: The Climb

Crytek is a weird company. It hit it off fairly well with the original Far Cry and Crysis, and then pumped out a pair of uninspired shooters in the form of the Crysis sequels, which were carried by the beautiful CryEngine and its benchmark capabilities. In the last three years or so, it also made Warface and Ryse, both of which were about as underwhelming as Crysis 2.

But you know what? A virtual reality side project actually ended up being the studio's most interesting game in years, funnily enough.



Kojima playing a bunch of arcade games is a real daymaker

Designer Hideo Kojima attended the Game On exhibition in Tokyo and brought along writer/editor/best bud Kenji Yano, who has now officially joined the new Kojima Productions, for some wholesome arcade-fueled fun. I didn't know I needed to see these two compete at Pong until now.

My favorite bit, aside from Kojima cheering "Galaga!" while rushing up to the cabinet and immediately wailing on the buttons, is the pair trying Mario Bros. together. Yano "accidentally" almost bumps Kojima into a fireball and laughs, causing him to get a little worked up. "Yano-san! You're not doing it right. You have to go back up once they're down and do this. Yano-san! Come on man!"

Just two 50-something-year-old men reliving arcade memories. Delightful.



Conan might suck at Mario Kart, but he's great as a dick canvas

Conan's Clueless Gamer segment is back for more befuddlement and frustration. This time, the comedian played the frat house favorite Mario Kart 8 with Neighbors 2 co-stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Of course, you can't have a frat house without a bit of hazing, so the three agreed to some unusual stakes for a game of Mario Kart -- each race, the loser gets a dick on his face.

Poor Conan. At least Seth and Zac got to express their creativity. Those two can draw some pretty good cartoon dicks.



You know, we probably don't need a Shinobi movie

Sega's shuriken-chucking arcade game Shinobi is being adapted into a feature film.

Why? "We love the Shinobi games and believe that the world of ninjas has never been properly explored onscreen," says producer Marc Platt, who previously worked on Wanted, Drive, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. "We now have the opportunity to do just that."

The movie is a collaboration between Marc Platt Productions and Stories International, Inc., the joint-venture production arm of Sega and Hakuhodo DY Group, and from the sound of it, Stories also hopes to tap into several other older Sega properties. The company is in the early stages of securing partners to adapt Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter, and Crazy Taxi into "English-language feature films, television, and digital series for worldwide release."

I'll be surprised if half this stuff gets off the ground, much less anytime soon. As for Shinobi, I have but two requests: 1) don't mess with Joe Musashi's name, and 2) don't go too serious with it.



Ratchet & Clank on PS4 is the series' fastest-seller

I've seen a lot of love for the new Ratchet & Clank game, but I couldn't tell if that was the social media echo-chamber effect or if there really were a bunch of people getting way into Insomniac's refresh of the PlayStation 2 original and talking up a storm. It was both, probably!

While the studio hasn't gone into specifics sales figures, it is calling Ratchet & Clank for PlayStation 4 the "fastest-selling game in franchise history." The Lombax is back.

Even as someone not all that attached to the series, that's lovely to hear. I mean, heck, Chris literally ended his review with the line "This feels like a last-ditch effort for Sony to bring this series into the spotlight again, and honestly, I hope it works out."

Insomniac Games [Twitter]



First-week Total War: Warhammer players will get the Chaos Warriors

Creative Assembly has extended its pre-order incentive for Total War: Warhammer. Now, players who buy the strategy title during its first week (up until May 31 at 10:00am Pacific) will also receive the Chaos Warriors Race Pack. It's a seemingly small change, but an important one for folks who feel inclined to play at or around launch but prefer to wait for reviews to hit first.

Besides Dragon Ogres, Hellcannon, and some other badass-looking units, this pack has Legendary Lords with names like Sigvald the Magnificent, Kholek Suneater, and Archaon the Everchosen.

The faction uses a "horde" play style, "allowing the Chaos Warriors to raze enemy settlements and set up encampments anywhere, taking their war spoils with them. The armies of Chaos rest only when exhaustion halts their marching, leaving nothing but corruption and ash in their wake."

The best, then.



We'll see 'the future of Battlefield' next Friday

Rumors about the new Battlefield have been swirling for months now. Are you ready to get this thing over with already? I sure am. DICE has set the reveal for Friday, May 6 at 4:00pm Eastern.

I don't necessarily have a particular style or period I'd like to see the new game adopt -- WWI sounds okay! -- but I'd rather not have whatever is coming next just be a direct follow-up to Battlefield 4.

To that end, what's your favorite Battlefield? I liked the last couple of games fine, but my fondest memories are tied to 1943 and Bad Company 2. There was something special there, and both of those hit at a time when I was heavily into competitive first-person shooters.

Battlefield [Twitter]



I plead the 6th: Watch 25 minutes of Ace Attorney 6 gameplay

You've seen the animated opening, you've lamented that this game hitting Japan on June 9 don't mean shit for you, now watch 25 minutes of gameplay from Ace Attorney 6, a game which Capcom will definitely bring to Western 3DS players at some point, eventually.

Apollo Justice shows up in the second video, as well as a bald, bearded man to whom I am beginning to bear too much resemblance as I am increasingly seeped of the will power needed for person grooming.




Romero and Carmack put Kickstarter for new FPS, Blackroom, on hold

The recently announced Kickstarter for Blackroom, an FPS from Doom co-creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack, is already on hold. Fundraising has been suspended and the campaign clock has been set back to zero. An update posted on the project's Kickstarter page explains the team is responding to feedback and will create a demo for the title before continuing the campaign in earnest.

"We're pressing 'PAUSE' on the fundraising campaign for Blackroom to complete this gameplay demo. Simply put, this will take more time than the Kickstarter has left, so we've decided to suspend the campaign and launch a new one when the gameplay demo is ready."

With a fundraising goal of $700,000, Blackroom managed to attract $131,052 from crowdfunding since being announced this past Monday. It will be interesting to see how those numbers look when the demo is completed and they presumably try again in a few months.

Pressing Pause for a Gameplay Demo [Kickstarter]



Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 sold well outside Japan

Koei Tecmo has revealed sales numbers for its recent titles including Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. The saucy stew from which the latter was borne, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, tops the KT financial reports (translated by Gematsu) at 600,000 downloads, which makes sense as it's the only game listed released wider than in Japan and Asia. 

Next up is Attack on Titan (PS4, PS3, Vita) at 280,000 sales; followed by Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (PS4, PS Vita) at 190,000 sales; followed by Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC) at 180,000 sales; followed by Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) at 170,000 sales. The Vita-exclusive Kiniro no Corda 4, which was only released in Japan, moved 30,000 units.

Atelier Sophie, Attack on Titan, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII are all expected to come to North America and Europe this year, but Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 was infamously not planned for Western release.

It seems like that decision by Koei Tecmo drummed up a lot of interest, however.

According to physical-only sales numbers, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 sold 44,723 on PS4 and 21,959 on Vita, good for the 4th best selling new game of the week its first week on the market. The next week, however, the Vita version disappeared from the top-sellers list and the PS4 version moved 4,765 units, good for 17th-best. Being generous in suggesting each console moved a thousand or so units in subsequent weeks they fell off the charts, that's close to 75,000 total physical sales in Japan, or almost half of The Division Japanese sales. But KT's 190,000 figure either means: 1) it sold a lot digitally in Japan or 2) over half its sales came from "Asia," or the Asian version being imported by westerners. Which isn't to say it would've sold much better had it gotten a full release here, given that those who really wanted it likely imported it, saving Koei Tecmo a bunch of money on releasing it in an additional market.



The next Cave shoot 'em up to hit Steam is DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu

Although many western Cave fans know the shmup developer from popular series like Deathsmiles, the company actually got its start with the DonPachi line, and produced a ton of them since its inception in 1995. That includes 2008's DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, which is now coming to PC by way of Steam "soon," following up Mushihimesama and the aforementioned Deathsmiles.

If the name sounds familiar, you've probably seen the below boss before from the Black Label version of the game that was released in 2011.



Comcast raising data caps to 1TB instead of NOT HAVING DATA CAPS

For many Americans, Comcast is the sole choice of internet provider. Others can pick between Comcast and AT&T, which is a bit like picking between a Ford Taurus and a Ford Pinto.

Comcast started limiting monthly data to 250GB in some markets in 2008, pitching it as some greater-good communism. It stopped "excessive use" from customers who were using a lot of data, even though they were well in their rights to do so, with the promise of delivering "high-quality service" to all, which is some bullshit. Poor lil Comcast struggling to pay rent while investing $200 million in Vox media (hello, Polygon) or, hell, just buying DreamWorks for almost $4 billion.

The company bumped the cap up to 300GB in 2012. Unfortunately, in a world of streaming video and regular 60GB video game releases, that extra 50GB doesn't cut it (though Comcast claims, "Our typical customer uses only about 60 gigabytes of data in a month.") Some people have been falsely billed for going over their cap, the Federal Communications Commission has received over 13,000 complaints about Comcast, all while the company tries to rebrand the cap in wireless parlance as a "data plan," the same way your cell phone provider tried to boot you off your unlimited data plan. And while Comcast insisted it must charge fees to users who surpass 300GB/month, it's decidedly mum on rebates for, say, users who only use 20GB/month. Why am I paying for 300GB/month if I'm only using 20GB? Or the "typical" 60GB?

Side-stepping all that, Comcast announced this week, "All of the data plans in our trial markets will move from a [300GB] data plan to [1TB] by June 1, regardless of the speed," which is better than a 300GB cap, but not better than no internet cap whatsoever.

A Terabyte Internet Experience [Comcast]



Yo-Kai Watch is invading Final Fantasy soon

Well, this is unexpected, but it makes sense.

Level-5, creator of Yo-Kai Watch, has teamed up with Square Enix to bring some of its most popular characters into Final Fantasy XIV. This includes pets, equipment, a Whisper mount, and even the titular watch accessory. This doesn't look like a half-assed event, as the weapons in particular have a crazy amount of detail, and their own names (like the axe called the Paw of the Crimson Cat). Since players are able to glamour high level items with the appearance of lower level ones, any piece of gear is valuable. A release date was not given, but a new 3.3 patch was also announced in tandem with the crossover.

On the flipside, Final Fantasy will be invading Yo-Kai Watch 3 with two new characters -- Chocobonyan and Mooglinyan. As someone who loves both games, this is a pretty damn amazing collab.

Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-kai Watch collaboration announced [Gematsu]



Granin's explanation for 'Metal Gear' makes a bit more sense in Japanese

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is first in the series chronology (it's set in 1964, twenty years ahead of the recent Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) which makes it a good enough spot as any for an in-universe explanation for the term "Metal Gear," which refers to the series' crazy giant robots. 

But Granin's explanation in Snake Eater, uh, doesn't make much sense.

I imagine you didn't stop halfway through, unprompted (why don't they let me write over YouTube videos, or directly into your head like Jim Carrey in Batman Forever?), so you've probably seen both the English language version and the Japanese version with English subtitles from Clyde Mandelin.

Mandelin breaks down the differences at Legends of Localization. It's still Kojima nonsense, but it makes a little more Kojima-sense in the Japanese version as Granin explains the strained notion that the technology he is working on, "will be a kind of 'gear' that links foot soldiers and weaponry," whereas in the English localization he says, "this technology will be the missing link between infantry and artillery," before out of nowhere offering, "A kind of metal gear, if you will."

The localization just kind of tosses it in without any sort of reasonable rhetorical connection, while it's teased out a bit better in the Japanese, and made much more physical and concrete ("a kind of 'gear' that links foot soldiers and weaponry" vs "the missing link between infantry and artillery").

It's a stretch in the original Japanese, but practically a non sequitur in English.

Q&A: How is the Metal Gear Name Explained in Japanese? [Legends of Localization]



Well that sure looks like a Modern Warfare Remaster confirmation

Following the very obvious news that Infinity Ward is developing a far future Call of Duty called Infinite Warfare, it looks like it's also taking the opportunity to spice up the deal, if you will, with a remaster of Modern Warfare -- a game that many still consider the best in the series. It makes a whole lot of sense, especially when you remember that Infinity Ward's last game, Ghosts, didn't instill a whole lot of confidence in the fanbase, and turned some people off of the series entirely.

So yeah, more semi-confirmation ahoy! Besides the coy poop emoji that Activision tweeted out, noting that a fan was free to shit his pants, this reddit user has located a Canadian ad for the game, stating a November 4 release date, with a Legacy Edition that includes Modern Warfare Remastered. According to the listing, it will come with the full campaign and 10 maps (note: the full game with DLC had 20 maps).

Clear picture of the Infinite Warfare cover [reddit]



Suda51: If you play Let it Die 'you will understand I am still crazy'

Our special little guy Jonathan Holmes caught up with the good-shoes-wearer himself, Suda51, at PAX last week in Boston for a hands-on with Grasshopper's upcoming Let it Die and a chat with the man himself. Holmes doesn't seem to have captured Suda's good shoes, which I am sure he was wearing despite my not being in attendance, as he is always wearing cool shoes when ever I see him.

He did however get a good, extended look at a game with a skateboarding Grim Reaper in the logo (and also a shrugging Grim Reaper who notes, "Surprise! You are dead!" when you are, surprise, dead). It's definitely wacky, and Holmes opens up asking Suda about the idea that he's becomes a more serious, less wacky guy. This is a concern I've raised myself after Killer is Dead, which I generally liked a lot, but felt was very safe and conventional in some ways (relative to Suda's ouevre, at least, rather than the whole industry).

Suda responded with shock and a simple answer: "If you play [Let it Die] you will understand I am still crazy."



Lionhead Studios is officially no more as of today

After multiple sources had heard that Lionhead Studios, formed in 1996, still had hope, the end has finally come. According to Kotaku UK, the developer has officially closed down for good following a nominal consultation period. Fable Legends officially shut down on April 13, and it's not coming back.

"We can confirm that after much consideration over the six week consultation period with Lionhead employees, we have reached the decision to close Lionhead Studios," reads Microsoft's statement on the issue, sent over today. "We have nothing but heart-felt thanks for the team at Lionhead for their significant contributions to Xbox and the games industry."

Lionhead wasn't just the Fable factory it became in later years -- it carried on the work of Peter Molyneux's own Bullfrog Productions, crafting Black & White, which hosted its own sequel and expansion. Outside of the microtransaction element Legends actually looked like a decent little romp, and the cross factor between Xbox One and Windows 10 was a great example of Microsoft's new united front initiative. Good luck those involved with the studio, and I hope you move on to bigger and better things.

Fabled UK Studio Lionhead Closes Today [Kotaku UK]



EVE Online developer has the right attitude about making sandbox games

Earlier this week, the Citadel expansion came to EVE Online. Two years ago, developer CCP moved toward releasing more frequent updates for the game, so this type of event is a relatively regular occurrence. Citadel, however, is a pretty big milestone on that roadmap.

While the Citadel update is a notable one, CCP doesn't necessarily know how it'll affect the larger New Eden universe. That's intentional. Speaking with EVE Online executive producer Andie Nordgren at Fanfest last week, she flatly said "We're just setting it loose and we really don't know what people will do with (the citadels)."

This mindset isn't new for CCP either. It's the guiding light behind EVE Online. According to Nordgren, this hands-off attitude is critical to making a true sandbox game. "If we try to control everything, I don't think you can be successful as a maker of sandbox games. If you think that the proof that you're good at what you're doing is that you can predict anything, I think that's a completely wrong strategy," Nordgren commented. "We're trying to make stuff where if we can predict it, players can predict it even better. At the very least, we need to make stuff that we can't predict," she continued.



Check out Flixist's review of Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Hello! Long time no see. How's kicks?

I just reviewed the new Ratchet & Clank movie over at Destructoid's sister site Flixist and thought you fine folks might be interested in it given that it's a movie based on a video game, and this is a video game site so people reading here might be interested in such things because they like video games and... you know what, I'm over thinking this. Here's a brief excerpt:

Ratchet & Clank is the epitome of a film that doesn't do anything wrong, but that doesn't make it right. I suppose I should start by saying that I have not kept up with the games this movie is based on. I played the original and sequel when they first arrived on the PlayStation 2, but since then have fallen off. If that invalidates my review for you then you should probably stop reading, though it really shouldn't seeing as the film's relation to the game amounts to a few inside jokes and a lamb.

What I do remember from the games was that on top of some fantastic gameplay they had a sharp sense of humor and great interplay between the titular characters. It's possible I've got some rose tinted glasses on there, but it's how I remember it. 

Ratchet & Clank the movie tries to recapture the game's feel almost exactly. The problem is what made for great dialog in a video game in 2002 makes for cliche in the midst of an animation renaissance in 2016. 

Want to read more? Check out our full review on Flixist!



Tomb Raider movie has found its Lara Croft

Replacing Angelina Jolie is hard. My local theatre production of Carmen was disastrously thrown off track when I found out the woman I was in talks with through Craigslist to play the lead turned out not to be the Angelina Jolie, but an Angelina Jolie.

Still, Hollywood needs its money and surest bet is just rebooting a series that a decade ago pulled nearly half a billion at the box office -- especially after the series said films were based on itself has just had a successful reboot in the latest two Tomb Raider games.

It seems that things didn't work out for Lara hopeful Daisy Ridley, most recently known as the lead (Ladyparts Skywalker? I haven't seen it) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Variety reports Swedish actor Alicia Vikander will don the tank top. Vikander was reportedly always the number one choice for the role (though Ridley auditioned); the only thing holding up the signing was a new script draft.

Vikander recently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl and she's also the robot in good-ass movie Ex Machina.

Alicia Vikander to Play Lara Croft in ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot [Variety]



The Chinese Room calls out CD Projekt Red for 'sexist' games

BAFTA-winning developer, The Chinese Room, has accused CD Projekt Red of making sexist games.

Responding to tweet about CD Projekt’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 (via NeoGAF), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture developer said that the new game looked “just as sexist” as The Witcher.

At the time of writing, CD Projekt Red had yet to respond.

CD Projekt can't contain its enthusiasm for its upcoming PC/Xbox One/PS4 project Cyberpunk 2077, stating it will be "even better, even bigger, even more revolutionary" and "far, far bigger than The Witcher 3."



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Im done work and theres still light out? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC


So, another slow Except for that thing with DarkSydePhil thats been going Boy, was that a


Playing some Bloodborne if youd like to


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You do, we just license it

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