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Ubisoft kills copies of Far Cry 4 sold through third parties (Update)

Mike Cosimano, Contributor - Destructoid
16 hours ago - 2:15 PM on 01.26.2015
Ubisoft kills copies of Far Cry 4 sold through third parties (Update) photo

[Update: Marek Zimny of G2A recently got in touch with Destructoid regarding this story. According to his comment, the company is not responsible for "any of these procedures" and is working towards obtaining refunds for affected customers.

"G2A is well aware of this process and will do everything possible to compensate for that. For users who have made transactions without G2A Shield, we will check if the corresponding merchant was responsible for the withdrawal of the code.

"If so, these users will get a compensation. We are carefully checking and verifying every transaction affected by this procedure, so we must ask users, without protection from G2A Shield, for their patience regarding upcoming refunds," Zimny said.

If you have protection with G2A Shield, you have the choice between a new code or a full refund. We are still waiting on comment from Ubisoft and G2Play.]

Multiple reddit users and members of Ubisoft's support forum have reported several cases of digital copies of Far Cry 4 suddenly being deleted from Uplay accounts. A cursory examination of these posts reveals the games were bought through different third party sellers, including independent eBay stores and discount digital storefronts G2Play and G2A.

In reply to complaints, Ubisoft has reportedly been advising customers to contact the seller, implying the license removal is not the fault of Ubisoft. However, there is a history of publishers canceling third-party Steam keys; Devolver Digital has publicly stated they will cancel any keys obtained through G2Play.

Both G2Play and G2A are fairly popular stores, and both are based out of Hong Kong. G2Play's FAQ directly addresses the question of where they obtain their game codes. "All game codes/keys are picked up through major distributors, from their original retail boxes, and scanned up into our database." G2A, on the other hand, is an eBay-like code reseller, complete with user reviews and a referral program.

We've reached out to Ubisoft, G2A, and G2Play for comment, and will update this story accordingly.

Breach & Clear: Deadline raids Steam Early Access

Rob Morrow, Contributor - Destructoid
16 hours ago - 2:00 PM on 01.26.2015

Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media's top-down tactical thriller, Breach & Clear: Deadline, entered Early Access last week on Steam. After a brief stint in a public pre-alpha, the Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Devolver Digital co-published horror-themed shooter proved itself ready to move on to the next phase of development.

Deadline is currently in a pre-alpha state, meaning that players should expect to encounter a variety of bugs as well as unfinished/partially implemented gameplay features and content.

With that said, there's still a lot of content on offer. I spent some time playing with the Early Access build over the weekend and came away impressed. Admittedly, there's still quite a bit of work to be done before the game's ready for prime time, but even in this state, it's already a lot of fun.

If you're interested in getting involved early and helping to shape the game's development, Early Access is going for the reduced price of $14.99.

As mentioned above, we have a copy of the game to give away to one lucky commenter courtesy of Devolver Digital, so make sure to check your PMs this evening.

Where is our Dying Light review?

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
17 hours ago - 1:30 PM on 01.26.2015
Where is our Dying Light review? photo

Dying Light comes out tomorrow. So, where is our review?

Well, we don't have a code yet. Neither do a lot of other outlets. In fact, many reviewers just got their codes today, so if you see reviews out tomorrow, it's because those brave souls marathoned the game and quickly tested out the multiplayer.

I literally just got a copy five minutes ago, and will work non-stop to get a verdict out as soon as possible. In any case, I would advise against picking up your pre-order or plunking down any cash on this game. This is Techland after all, and coupled with a non-existent review lead, the end result may be less than desirable.

Gunsport's idea of a dystopian future is cyberpunk volleyball

Darren Nakamura, Associate Editor - Destructoid
17 hours ago - 1:00 PM on 01.26.2015

In the future, two teams of two people will face one another in small arenas. Guns at the ready, they will prepare their trigger fingers, take aim, and fire... at a volleyball. At least, that is what Gunsport predicts the future will look like.

Gunsport has been known about for a while, but it wasn't until it showed up on the PlayStation Blog that it came to our attention. It looks like it would fit well in the simple action sports game niche like Sportsfriends or Videoball.

Gunsport should be releasing some time this quarter for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD info revealed, the XV demo may not make Type-0's release

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
18 hours ago - 12:30 PM on 01.26.2015
More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD info revealed, the XV demo may not make Type-0's release photo

I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Or should I say, I'm looking forward to buying the Final Fantasy XV demo with a free copy of Final Fantasy Type-0. Just kidding! Both of them are looking pretty great so far.

In Type-0 related news, the game's director Hajima Tabata took to reddit to put on an Ask Me Anything event, where he answered fan questions regarding the upcoming release. For starters, all of the DLC/items found in the PSP game are in the PS4 and Xbox One editions. The story will run you roughly 40 hours, but if you do everything, it should last you around 100.

In regards to the Final Fantasy XV demo, Tabata couldn't really reveal a ton of info on its release date. Although the team is doing its "best," it is still optimizing the game, so it may not make Type-0 HD's launch. A few details were given out though like the ability to jump, and the fact that Cindy's identity will be revealed in the demo.

Final Fantasy XIV has single-handedly reinvigorated my hope for the franchise, so I'm expecting great things going forward.

Hajime Tabata [reddit]

House of Wolves might be Bungie's last chance to save Destiny photo
House of Wolves might be Bungie's last chance to save Destiny
by Chris Carter

Before Destiny was released, it was hyped into oblivion. Hundreds of thousands of fans bought into it, and by extension, purchased the Season Pass consisting of the first two expansions -- the second of which, House of Wolves, is set for a March release date.

Activision and Bungie already have their money, whether fans are disappointed or not. But they don't have their cash for September's rumored "Comet" expansion or anything else after that.

This is their time to put up or shut up regarding a lot of the things promised these past few years.

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Project Scissors coming to PC pending Kickstarter

Kyle MacGregor, Associate Editor - Destructoid
19 hours ago - 11:30 AM on 01.26.2015
Project Scissors coming to PC pending Kickstarter photo

NightCry (Project Scissors, if you're nasty), has taken to Kickstarter with new ambitions.

The point-and-click horror title was originally planned for just Vita and mobile devices, but Nudemaker has now set its sights on bringing the game to PC and maybe other platforms as well.

The developers state, following NightCry's initial announcement at Tokyo Game Show last year, "Gamers all over the Internet were excited for the game, but so many were clamoring for the game's release on a big-screen platform." 

The team isn't interested in simply porting the game, though. If there's going to be a PC or console version, they want it to meet the standards players expect from such platforms.

The trouble is, publishers are reticent to take on point-and-click experiences these days, much less a horror game devoid of weapons or mass appeal. And the portable version is already being funded largely out of the creators' pockets, with the staff making little to no money as the project attempts to get off the ground.

So, they hope those of you "clamoring" for a PC release will help fund its development, and are looking to raise at least $300,000 to make that happen. Best of luck to 'em.

Project Scissors: NightCry [Kickstarter]

Resident Evil HD causes night terrors, sandwiches photo
Resident Evil HD causes night terrors, sandwiches
by Steven Hansen

I had a real weird night with Resident Evil HD.

It's continuing as I look for screens to use as thumbnail images and stumble upon nude, pregnant Jill mods for Resident Evil 4. And here I thought I was making questionable use of my time.

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Retro City Rampage DX New 3DS update info revealed

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
20 hours ago - 10:30 AM on 01.26.2015
Retro City Rampage DX New 3DS update info revealed photo

Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano took to Miiverse the other day to explain some of the upcoming updates for the 3DS version. Specifically, some of the changes that will take place when the New 3DS hits the US in February.

The frame rate will now stay at a solid 60fps, there will be a Spanish translation, and cop coins can be toggled -- all owners will get this series of updates. For the New 3DS specifically, the c-stick will be enabled for twin-stick shooting, there will be a smoother turbo mode, and quicker fast forwarding due to the upgraded CPU.

I really hope more developers take advantage of the New 3DS' hardware to justify owner's purchases, as there aren't any real exclusives out for the unit until April.

BriProv [Miiverse]

It looks like Indigo Prophecy is getting the remastered treatment

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
20 hours ago - 10:00 AM on 01.26.2015
It looks like Indigo Prophecy is getting the remastered treatment photo

Indigo Prophecy is the only David Cage game I really liked. While it got ridiculous with the zombie-sex and Dragon Ball Z third act, I loved it all the same, and the tension of that first bathroom scene was palpable. Every so often I go back and play it, and it looks like I'll get another chance to do so very soon.

Aspyr Media has spilled the beans on an updated Indigo Prophecy Remastered build, which will evidently arrive on PC and Mac on January 29. It will feature the uncut version of the game, as well as updated visuals (that can be toggled), and full controller support. Right now it's live on Amazon's marketplace, which will net you a Steam version.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered [Amazon]

My first four hours with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt photo
My first four hours with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
by Alessandro Fillari

It's an exciting time to be into role-playing games. With the release of heavy hitters such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dark Souls II, Divinity: Original Sin, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Wasteland 2 in recent years, the genre has had a healthy supply of deep and involving games. But one such series, based on Polish fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, got a major foothold into the hearts of fans.

Originally released in 2007 for PC, The Witcher placed players in the shoes of Geralt, a monster hunter for hire, and became a sleeper hit for Polish developer CD Projekt Red. The studio released its follow-up in 2011 and has since become a juggernaut in the PC gaming community. Now, the company is readying for the conclusion to its wildly popular RPG series. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, its most ambitious title yet, ventures into vast open game gameplay while offering a rousing finish to the central character's story.

Though for the last two years, we've only gotten plenty of trailers and other bits of media on the game. The developers have been shy with allowing anyone hands-on time, but at a recent exclusive event held for retailers and members of the press, the folks at CD Projekt Red invited Destructoid out to play The Witcher 3. During my four-hour session, I dove head first into this open-world action-RPG, and saw just how Geralt of Rivia made the transition. So relax, clear your schedule, and let me tell about my experience with one of 2015's most anticipated titles.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack comes to Club Nintendo Europe

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
22 hours ago - 7:40 AM on 01.26.2015
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack comes to Club Nintendo Europe photo

Club Nintendo is closing. A new loyalty program will be coming later this year, but I really enjoyed my time with it.

The Club isn't completely dead yet though, especially in the case of the European version. The service recently added a Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds soundtrack, which you can pick up for 3000 stars. Its not a half-assed OST either, as it consists of 89 tracks and score inserts.

Keep in mind that Nintendo said that it would add a few more rewards in February as the service started to conclude. Having said that, they are expected to be digital, so if you want some last-minute physical goods, this may be your huckleberry.

Stars Catalogue [Club Nintendo]

Toys"R"Us sells some amiibo early, delays others, and has 4 for $44 sale

Steven Hansen, Features Editor - Destructoid
12:10 AM on 01.26.2015

Toys"R"Us started selling some of the "wave 3" amiibo -- Bowser, Sheik, and Toon Link -- ahead of schedule at the end of last week.

Meanwhile, Toys"R"Us customers have been getting notice that pre-orders on other wave 3 amiibo -- Ike, Sonic, King Dedede -- have been pushed back (from the likely placeholder, February 1) to February 13, in-line with current GameStop release estimates.

The retailer is also holding a mild sale on amiibo, 4 for $44. You won't find any rare stock online, but the sale should be good in-store too, whether you try and pick up some early wave 3 toys or track down some rarer stock. Maybe wait until January 30 when Lucario releases as you can't get it elsewhere, but Sheik may be MIA by then.

Worth noting that Target-exclusive Rosalina is still looking like it'll go on sale February 1 and Target employees on reddit are reporting decent stock, unlike Meta Knight, which is looking scarce.

King Dedede and Sonic Amiibo Delayed at Toys ‘R’ Us Until 2/13 [Amiibo Inquirer]

Gearbox 'ready to start' Borderlands 3, begins hiring process

Mike Cosimano, Contributor - Destructoid
7:10 PM on 01.25.2015
Gearbox 'ready to start' Borderlands 3, begins hiring process photo

During the official Borderlands panel at PAX South, Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford confirmed the company was "ready to start" production on a new game in the franchise, later taking to Twitter with an open call to developers looking for work.

According to firsthand reports from the panel, Gearbox hasn't officially started work on the next Borderlands. There are currently no hints as to what exactly the next Borderlands would look like, but if you combine the ending of Borderlands 2 with Gearbox filing a trademark for 'Borderworlds' in 2009, a larger-scale game with multiple planets seems likely.

Gearbox is currently looking for "artists, designers, coders, producers and other developers," according to a tweet from Pitchford, so no matter what your particular skill may be, Gearbox has a home for you. They're also taking applications from established developers, promising "confidentiality" should you wish to remain anonymous.

Outfit swap DLC for Smash Bros. would make a lot of money

Jonathan Holmes, Editor-in-Chief - Destructoid
6:30 PM on 01.25.2015
Outfit swap DLC for Smash Bros. would make a lot of money photo

[Image by Pitarou]

The amiibo craze doesn't seem to have died down yet. My guess is that once Nintendo has released 50 different figures, amiibo fans will start to look at all the fun-but-relatively-worthless figures they've amassed and suddenly wonder what they are doing with their lives. After that, maybe sales will die down. 


That's OK though. At that point Nintendo could easily take amiibo-thinking to the virtual realm and start selling non-physical goods for Smash Bros. that serve no purpose other than to look nice, like Mario clothes for Bowser and vice versa. It's a proven crowd pleaseras evidenced by this passionate blog about Mailman Link in Hyrule Warriors. It doesn't always make a ton of sense, but there is just something about seeing videogame characters wearing each other's clothes that helps us to relate to them more, and feel like their worlds are more real. I know that I've wanted to dress up like Ness in real life before. Seeing Captain Falcon feel the same way would make me feel all the more close to him. 

Then they could sell a Captian Falcon amiibo wearing Ness's clothes for a whole new truckload of profit. The Wii U's relatively small install base wouldn't matter anymore. The cyclical nature of in-game DLC and amiibo content could be enough to sustain the Wii U for years. Maybe they'll even start selling amiibo that are compatible with other consoles. That would certainly be a lot safer than going 3rd party completely.

It may sound ridiculous, but the only think I know for sure about the amiibo phenomenon is that you can never be sure of where it will go next. 

Dying Light 20% off, Borderlands and Dark Souls series on sale

3:25 PM on 01.25.2015
Dying Light 20% off, Borderlands and Dark Souls series on sale photo

Next week Tuesday Dying Light will make it debut on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Originally pre-orders came with the "Play as Night Hunter" mode as a bonus, but it's now free to everyone. Kudos to angry mob effect. Current PC deal for Dying Light is a simple 20% off via GMG.

If you're up for a challenge, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II Steam keys are on sale this weekend at DLGamer. They've been slightly cheaper and the updated version with better graphics is coming out soon (old version will still get updated content sans graphics). You're probably better off waiting so we're not even sure why we're mentioning this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Surprise deal of the weekend comes from Target, with Kingdom Hearts III on a crazy pre-order sale. The deal is so good that it feels like a potential price mistake. Guess we'll find out in 2016 or whenever the damn game is coming out.

Game deals from Dealzon. FYI: sales from certain retailers help support Destructoid.