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Is Funky Barn still the best (meaning only) native (i.e, no emulation/BC) Wii U farming game or am I missing some game?


I petted a wombat today. How've you spent your puny and miserable lives?


Just finished Episode 4 of Tales from the Borderlands. Will plan to finish the game tommorow. It's been fun, though admittedly, I'm disappointed that Episode 1 was the best so far. Can't wait to see how it ends though! I wish Rhys x Fiona was a thing too.


After what BioShock Infinite did to BioShock (turned it into Call of Duty, among other things), I'm afraid of what Infinite Warfare will do to actual Call of Duty. Maybe it will die to be reborn in the glory of CoD2 and Modern Warfare?


Finally watched the Legend of Tomorrow episode I missed and christ, that ending was bullshit. You had one job Kendra! Please just go back to being a barista.


Why am I all of a sudden into Ultimate Muscle? Why do I want to get the GameCube game so badly? Will I have soup or some custom pigs in blankets for lunch tomorrow? Do I prefer Alien or Blade Runner? These are the questions I'm asking right now


I've come to the realization that Speed Racer was an underrated film. Even as a kid I could tell that it had an avant-garde element. I really feel like it's a purely post-ironic film. A movie for a time when being sincere is edgy. Go Speed Racer indeed.


Grunting intensifies* seriously though, does anyone know if a full version of this exists on a soundtrack I can buy. I finished revelations and it is definitely a contender for my 3ds GOTY. I just think this is the best version of lost in thought.


After trying Star Fox Zero I'm kinda glad Miyamoto hasn't found a way to make me not enjoy F-Zero


Wow, putting points into Vitality is probably something I should have done. 4 points and my hps went up 25%


I finally defeated the second boss of Nioh earlier. It took me several tries solo but I did it.


We currently have the new Ratchet and Clank running on two separate PS4's in my house (via game sharing)! You can hear the wonderful sound of bolts being collected ringing throughout the hallways!!!


About the only thing in DS3 I legit dislike is the invasion system. 100% of my invasions tonight involved me porting in and being surrounded by 3 people. ...how? Is there literally only one place you invade from? That's awful design. Otherwise, good ga


How does a game like Comix Zone, a game that was barely 2 Megs on Genesis, manage 549 MB on Xbox?


Spent Saturday running through Untended Graves and Archdragon Peak with relative ease. Spent Sunday screaming at the Nameless King 2nd Phase. He dead now.


Came across this plastered on a window the other day. My new favorite stock photo.


OI https://www.reddit.com/r/nintendo/comments/4ha425/original%20/ It's been removed from Europe too. If you give a shit about this game, buy a physical copy RIGHT NOW.


Replaying Dark Souls 3 and I think it's actually the worst in the series. In fact, I think it's actually made me sick of the series, which I never thought possible. From, leave Bandai Namco and make something new. Bloodborne proved you're still good at it


Super Robot Wars Z3 is supposed to show up Monday/Tuesday according to Amazon's estimate. It was ordered March 29th for reference. The Max Factory Big O was ordered the week after from elsewhere and showed up the next. Both from Japan. Fuck this seller


Comments of the Week - I needs it!

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! I'm your awesome host, Dreamweaver, here to bring you the latest and greatest comments to pop up in Destructoid this past week. So whether you've been away and couldn't be here to h...



Managed to finish my 15 page thesis for this semester. Now to turn it in tomorrow and start on my last paper for the semester.


Bought an xbox one with kinect out of impulse. We already have 2 ps 4 and wii u. I never buy new and always look for deals, so in reality I have spent very little money. I am not conviced I need all of the systems this generation. To keep or not to.....


Was goofing around invading the other day in Dark Souls III, and after seeing the Host rolling with three phantoms, I decided to use the Chamelon spell after seeing someone else's video on here. I tried to sneak past them when they stopped, but failed. :P


An accurate representation of me as I was checking out the VNs on sale right now. I'm using this with length because I would probably be banned if I posted the version looking at reviews. NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM DISAPPOINT.


I'm done work and there's still light out? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC


So, another slow Sunday. Except for that thing with DarkSydePhil that's been going around. Boy, was that a thing.


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