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Wii REVIEWS: The List

May 04 / by Lord Spencer
Despite the common jokes about the Wii's library, I found a number of great games to play. However, most of those games were Nintendo staples, Metroid, Zelda, DKC, and of course the most famous plumber in history. In som...

Testing Blog Replies - A new community blogs feature

May 04 / by Papa Niero
New community blogs feature: a reply to the home page editorial! My hope is that this will encourage more angles about the content we cover and save you some time from flipping back and forth to the home page when blogg...

Gamer with Cancer

May 03 / by Kevin Verani
This gamer plays everyday and he has Cancer. Please show him your support by checking out his live stream http://www.twitch.tv/kevcrudy21 Also he is currently giving back to those who have helpped him. He is gi...

The Dead Pixels Podcast #18: Shadow the Hedgehog (ft. Laura Kate)

May 03 / by Preposterous Whitey
I promise you... REVENGE! On the latest Dead Pixels Podcast, the crew take a dark and edgy journey of self discovery. Laura Kate Dale of Destructoid joins Daniel and Nathan to reminisce about being an angsty teenager wi...

Whitey's Saturday Stuporcade #1: Mario Bros. Stupor Show

May 03 / by Preposterous Whitey
Welcome to Saturday Stuporcade! In each edition of this new series, I will chronicle my journey through an episode of an old game-based cartoon and provide undoubtedly incisive commentary on the wacky adventures within! ...

Comments of the Week - Prototype Pt.2

May 03 / by Dreamweaver
Comments of the Week is here once more in a bold new flavor! Comments of the Week is the time to showcase the funny comments that have been picked from community members such as yourselves to display for everyone else t...

Cblogs of 5/2/15 - Adventure Time with Bloodborne Unity

May 03 / by CblogRecaps
I finally beat , despite many inklings that I wouldn't be able to. I mean, I am self-admittedly a sucky gamer, and I thought after spending two hours against Father G that the rest of the game would be brutal. However, ...

Endless Legend: Guardians - Review

May 03 / by Kooram
Prior to deciding I wasn't really into numerical scores in reviews, Endless Legend was the only game I ever scored ten out of ten. I did this only because I loved it so, not from any objective perfection on th...

Short Story: The Process: Part Two: The Meeting. [NVGR]

May 03 / by Titannel
This is the second part of the story. Upvoted and comments are appreciated. Just like always. That band is a real band, by the way “Dana Gear?” The woman said. “Yes. That’s me.” Dana said. T...

Nintendo - What keeps them afloat, nostalgia or newbies?

May 03 / by Lexingtongue
I post this to get people's opinions after a recent discussion with a friend. Often Nintendo get typecast as a company that caters only for kids - we have the bright palettes of the Mario series, the cutesy Toad and Kirb...

ConsoleWarToid: PS4 vs Xbone - 4:1 in ze Germanic Empire!

May 03 / by Reinhold Hoffmann
Our Germanic Queen Angela Merkel is not amused about ze outcome of ze Konsole War in zis generation. The Playstation 4 outzold the Xbone 4:1 in ze big Reich and that lead to bad feelings between Angela and her zecret lo...

Forsaken Age

May 02 / by KingSigy
I don't know quite how to feel about Broken Age. I want to scream and yell and claim it is a terrible experience, but I don't overtly hate the game. I had a partial bit of responsibility for bringing it to life (funding...

Cblogs of 5/1/15 + Theisms: A Casting Director Scammed Me Edition

May 02 / by CblogRecaps
On Monday, I'm just sitting at my desk there at the church when I get an email notification on my phone. It's an email address I've never seen before, and my phone only gives me a slight preview of the full message, bu...

'Souls: "Guts Mode" in Dark Souls II

May 02 / by n0signal
It’s my “Month of ‘Souls” and I’ve nearly finished my playthrough of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin; the current-gen remaster of From Software’s sequel, with altered enemy an...

Short Story: The Process: Part One: The Arrival. [NVGR]

May 02 / by Titannel
This is the first part of a story I wrote in college. I'm breaking it into parts for the sake of the story's length. Be sure to let me know what you think! The sky over Pinnacle City, California was a deep blue. No cloud...

SNES REVIEWS: Secret of Mana

May 02 / by Lord Spencer
For those reading one of my SNES review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: "While the SNES was a constant presence in my childhood, I never had a large collection of games for it. In fact, many of the ...

ESA Says Preserving Old Games is Illegal Because it's 'Hacking'

May 02 / by Reinhold Hoffmann
I stumbled about this news last week, saw articles on different gaming sites but not here (yet) so I thought it can not hurt to share these relative...controversial standpoints by the ESA with you here:   ESA stands...

#GGinDC receives bomb threat, gaming media ignores it.

May 02 / by Sylveria Shini
On May 1st 2015 there was a Gamergate meetup in DC, consisting of about 300 people. Some of those in attendance were Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Liz Finnegan. Prominent Anti-GGs such as Arthur...

The Slit List: 10 Things I Enjoy At This Moment

May 02 / by CaltySlitorous
  Ok, so here we go.  I'm acting out on a whim here.  I picked up my laptop, I turned it on, came straight to blogs and stared at an empty white screen for the longest 2 minutes of today before typing wha...

Final Thoughts on Resident Evil:Revelations 2

May 01 / by DuskAlchemist
~Prologue~I was listening to an interview with comic book writer Scott Snyder, currently helming Batman, better known for putting an emphasis on horror into his stories— underline horror with a big fat red pen...

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: April 2015

May 01 / by CblogRecaps
Yo community. We're back to bring you “Podgasms” for April 2015! For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community t...

First of May: My favorite season (free games inside)

May 01 / by Jed Whitaker
Ooooooooooh child. I'm so glad it is May, April was pretty rough for me. People think games press is all fun and games, but it is mostly just games and writing. I mean there is fun...somtimes. I went to Vegas in Ap...

You Don't Want a New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

May 01 / by wutangclam
Well, it looks like The Birdman hasn’t retired his digital skateboard quite yet. Recently, the gaming world was abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding the kind of, sort ofconfirmed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate...

Hoffmanntoid: Awesome Videogame Art from April 2015

May 01 / by Reinhold Hoffmann
Names and Avatars change sometimes (again).., but some things stay the same, like that people say my best blogs are those where I share what I consider as some of the best video game related artworks made by fans - by ga...

Band of Bloggers - From Software, With Love - Results be in, yo!

May 01 / by Dreamweaver
Welcome back to Band of Bloggers! This month's topic "From Software, With Love" is over, and we saw a lot of entries from From Software fans such as you, so now's the time to recap them all in one convenient spot! That ...

Unequal Equality: Is this the future our heroes should be fighting for?

May 01 / by OverlordZetta
Yesterday, at long last, Chroma Squad finally launched. It comes after a successful Kickstarter campaign followed by a long and arduous development period plagued with legal issues brought about by good old Saban Enterta...

Titannel's Talks: 10 Things I Enjoy.

May 01 / by Titannel
So, uh, it seems like Destructoid exploded the other day. That's unfortunate. Negativity all around. Kinda awful. I have enough negativity in my life. Between job hunting, a poor diet, a lousy sleep schedule, and a metri...

PS Friday Night Fights:Mass Transit Hell Edition

May 01 / by PS FNF
 Work is a grind. Get it? Grind. Like skating…? For those keeping up, work is still kicking my butt right now. The “nine hours on a weekday, five hours on Saturday” wouldn’t be quite as e...

Nintendoid FNF 05/01 - Slinking in the shadows

May 01 / by Nintendoid
There were big shake ups this past week. I finally became G ranked, slayed some elder dragons for their parts like a turbocharged Native American, and made a really cool pair of knives that do both ice damage and ex...

My 5 Favorite Games Within Games

May 01 / by Kratos282
Mini games within video games can be the small portion of a game that can make or break the games success. Many of the most popular games of all time have games within them in which you can boost your score or even be aw...

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