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Codemasters confirms Overlord: Fellowship of Evil with a meh trailer

Hitting PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year
Apr 23
Codemasters has just announced a brand new chapter in the Overlord Saga after a six-year hiatus -- Fellowship of Evil. It's set to arrive on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year for $19.99 as a digital download. Rh... read

Codemasters drops another Overlord III tease

Evil always finds a way
Apr 23
Those sexy beasts at Codemasters have dangled another Overlord III teaser in our faces. It's less than three minutes long, but the new trailer -- entitled "Previously on Overlord" -- brings newbies up to speed with the happe... read
Overlord III

Codemasters teases Overlord III

UK Studio teases sequel
Mar 20
Written by Tomb Raider's Rhianna Pratchett, Overlord and Overlord II were a pair of last-generation action adventure games in which you played a huge hulking armor-clad warrior in control of an army of small minions. If ... read

Humble Weekly Sale bundles Overlord and DiRT

Jan 30
Codemasters is the latest publisher to participate in a Humble Weekly Sale and it's another one worth recommending if for no other reason than Overlord (and DiRT!). Name your price for the first Overlord and its Raising Hell ... read

Overlord II 'Battle Rock Nemesis' DLC out today

Jul 29
If you loved Overlord II, then let it be known that Codemasters has released the first downloadable content on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, available for your downloading pleasure on both systems today. "Battle Roc... read

Codemasters definitely pushed the boat out with its Overlord franchise this summer. Following the surprising success of the original game, this year saw three games in the series release simultaneously: Overlord II on the Xbo... read feature

Overlord was one of my favorite games of 2007. Its unique gameplay, evil-minded focus and silly sense of humor outshone the technical issues and awkward controls to create a fun and memorable title that proudly sits among my ... read feature

Overlord II devs on DLC and screaming mothers

Jun 29
I've been playing Overlord II all weekend and loving it, despite a number of issues. That's why I'm all for some extra content, which Triumph Studios is planning to announce in the near future. When asked about any future DLC... read

Pratchett says gaming is still lacking in writing

Jun 27
“I’m not sure why there’s this constant desire to keep rooting around in Hollywood’s action-movie scrapheap.”With those words to That VideoGame Blog Rhianna Pratchett perfectly summed up what I s... read

Overlord II is out, celebrate with some wallpapers

Jun 25
Three hot looking Overlord games are out, and my review copies should be arriving today. To celebrate, Codemasters has released a bunch of rather cool wallpapers, commemorating the release of Overlord II, Overlord: Minions an... read

Overlord II tries to offend as many people as possible

Jun 15
The latest issue of Game Informer has a feature called "Beyond Polygons," which collects a number of stories from within the studios working on a few big-name titles. Among them as Triumph Studios, and since I'm a b... read

Overlord II welcomes us to the Minionstry of Information

Jun 09
Overlord II is almost upon us, and Codemasters has helpfully eased us back into the fun-packed world of evil tyranny by producing some helpful "Minionstry of Information" videos. These handy guides will give you a r... read

Club Seals, wear them as hats. That's cool with PETA

Jun 06
You know the folks at PETA get angry over the strangest stuff sometimes. That would be fine if they kept it consistent, but it appears that they're absolutely fine with baby seals being clubbed to death and then having their ... read

While I was out at the Codemasters booth playing Overlord 2, I figured I had absolutely no good reason not to check out its cousin for Wii, Overlord Dark Legend. I'd had so much fun with the first one that I was in really goo... read feature

Go club some baby seals: An Overlord II demo is up on XBL

Jun 04
Jeez, that was quick. As previously teased, an Overlord II demo has gone up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace today. To add the file to your Xbox 360's download queue, click here the US version and here for the UK demo.Is the 360 not ... read

E3 09: Hands-on with Overlord 2

Jun 04
I love me some Overlord. I might not love it as much as Jim does but I think it would be a close race as to who has a bigger tent for the upcoming sequel. Now that I've had an opportunity to play it on the show floor at E3, I'm even more excited than ever.Hit the jump and check out why it feels so good to be so bad.  read

Overlord II demo coming soon

Jun 03
Overlord II is my jam, which is why I'm bummed that I can't get to check it out at E3. Luckily, our man Conrad Zimmerman is on the case, so stay tuned for our first impressions of the game coming soon. Those impressions can b... read

Overlord II is lording it over these new screens

May 28
The best thing is that I get paid to write headlines like that. Anyway, Overlord II is a matter of weeks away and I am very excited indeed for the sequel to what was quite possibly my favorite game of 2007. With a more evil O... read

Have some Overlord II videos, by all means

May 21
Codemasters' Overlord II is nearly upon us, and I am looking forward to it significantly, thank you very much. In anticipation of the hopefully excellent sequel, two brand new videos have been unleashed. A second developer di... read

Overlord Dark Legend is as dark as it is legendary

May 15
Codemasters is pumping out the Overlord-themed goodies this year, with Overlord II coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Overlord Minions hitting the DS and Overlord Dark Legend invading the Wii. The latter is one we haven't talked... read

Pre-order Overlord, get Minion figurine, make me jealous

May 12
The life of a reviewer might seem pretty cushy to you lot. Sure, we get free games, but there's a downside that you must consider. First of all, we have to play a bunch of wank like Velvet Assassin, and secondly, we get to mi... read

Overlord II trailer be bringin' the Minions!

May 01
Overlord was one of the coolest games of last year, and the sequel is a matter of months away. To celebrate, here's a fresh new trailer and some screenshots, focusing this time on the most important aspect of the game -- the ... read

Overlord Minions assets for your diabolical pleasure

Apr 06
I love Overlord and I love my DS, so it's hardly surprising that Overlord Minions is one of my most eagerly awaited games of the summer. Being able to take control of the Minions directly is hopefully going to be a lot of fun... read

More Overlord II screens give us excuse to talk about Overlord

Mar 19
Apparently, Codemasters didn't have room in its email to give us more than two screens with yesterday's dev diary, and has provided three more pretty pictures for Overlord fans to gawp at. I don't really mind, however, becaus... read

Overlord II dev diary promises much more evil (also, harems)

Mar 18
I'm probably the biggest Overlord fan on staff, and pretty much fell in love with Codemasters' original title on sight. My only real problem was that the titular Overlord was never really as evil as he was advertised, and you... read

Overlord Dark Legend promotes suicide bombing in such a cute way!

Feb 22
Overlord Dark Legend takes place before the original Overlord, but the premise remains the same. Take control of Minions and cause havoc across the lands. The Minions are under the control of the Overlord and will do anythin... read

One of the more pleasant surprises of New York Comic Con '09 was the appearance of a playable build of Overlord: Dark Legend. When I came upon the game, it was sitting unattended, with no one around to demo it, or no controll... read feature

Rhianna Pratchett to pen script for Codemaster's new Overlord games

Oct 16
Codemasters has announced today that they've tapped Rhianna Pratchett to write the scripts for their upcoming new titles in the Overlord series. This includes Overlord II, Overlord Dark Legend for the Wii, and Overlord Minion... read

Overlord Minions conquers the DS and my heart

Aug 20
As a big portable gamer, I always love to see a console title that I'm fond of hit the DS or PSP. Naturally, one of my top games of 2007 being announced for the Nintendo DS made me very happy indeed, and with these new screen... read

New Overlord: Dark Legend screenshots and saucy information

Aug 20
I could barely contain my joy when I announced that Codemasters was bringing more Overlord to us, and it's good to see that Wii fans will be able to enjoy this darkly comic IP thanks to Dark Legend, a game which puts players ... read

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